Joscelin’s great performance wins her a Best Delegate award at the Conference


Date: 02 Apr 2014 (Wednesday)


HKBU student named Best Delegate at Asian International Model United Nations Conference


The outstanding performance of HKBU student Joscelin Yeung (Government and International Studies, Year 2) resulted in her being named the Best Delegate of the UNICEF committee at the 2014 Asian International Model United Nations Conference recently held at Peking University, Beijing.

The University’s delegation comprising 10 HKBU students represented South Korea and Nigeria in their assigned simulated committees, discussing and developing resolutions for important international issues through intense discussions, presentations and negotiations.

As the Head Delegate of the HKBU team, Joscelin recalled her participation in the Conference as “a dream of diplomacy and change”. She believed that what mattered most was not the award, but the friendship with other participants and the insights gained on various global issues during the process. She said: “The few days of intensive debate on UNICEF funding were one of the best memories of my life. In addition, cooperation with fellow delegates from all over the world for our Country Programme Document was the key to success. It was not my individual effort but the assistance and contribution provided by my group members that helped us attain our goal.”

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