Receiving the scholarship, Huey Lei (right) conveys his thanks to the Department of Education Studies.


Date: 13 Sep 2017 (Wednesday)


Education PhD candidate awarded postgraduate scholarship


Huey Lei, PhD candidate of the Department of Education Studies, has been named a recipient of the Postgraduate Scholarships by the Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region. 

Huey was excited about winning the scholarship and attributed his success in securing the scholarship amid intense competition to his studies and research on the education situation, a public concern topic, and also to the University’s research excellence which is well recognised in society. He gave special thanks to his principal supervisor Dr Allen Leung and Adjunct Associate Professor Dr Tang Kwok-chun who provided him with substantial support and useful advice.

Before pursuing postgraduate studies, Huey worked as a secondary school teacher. He hopes to instill his work experience into research and generate more research outcomes for real-life applications in future.    
The Scholarships have been set up by the Macao Government to award outstanding postgraduate students who pursue master’s or doctoral degrees. The scholarship awardees are selected on the basis of seven criteria including academic background, research topic, publications, research awards, research-related activities, rank of the university and work experience.