The winning video “Beauty and Bean”

浸大學生隊的得獎短片「Beauty and Bean」

Date: 06 Jun 2018 (Wednesday)


HKBU students win top award at SOW Asia Media Campaign


A team of HKBU students was named champion at the SOW Asia Media Campaign with their romantic and humorous promotional video of a social enterprise. 
The winning team comprised Xu Zheng (Advertising and Branding, Year 2), Chen Yao (China Studies, Year 1), Mu Yuguang (Computer Science, Year 2) and Wu Haoyang (Animation and Media Arts, Year 1). The short video aimed at promoting Zero Ground Coffee Campaign organised by Eco-Greenergy, a Hong Kong social enterprise. The video, named Beauty and Bean, has a coffee bean in the leading role which takes the audience through the lifecycle of a coffee bean: from coffee bean and coffee grounds until it is recycled into a flower pot, a state that allows it to accompany the actress it is deeply in love with.
Team leader Xu Zheng said that teammates agreed that an outstanding advertisement must contain elements of humour and romance, therefore they decided to promote the concept of coffee ground recycling with a “touching” love story.
Xu Zheng added that they were excited about winning the championship and expressed deep gratitude to Dr Terri Chan, Assistant Professor of the Department of Communication Studies for her valuable guidance. He also said that the winning video was produced by combining the strengths and efforts of every teammate, which fully demonstrates HKBU’s interdisciplinary collaboration and the advantages it brings. 
The SOW Asia Media Campaign requires each team to produce a short video about SOW Asia’s social enterprises which aim at encouraging young people to understand the development of social enterprises in Hong Kong and strengthening collaboration between different social sectors.

冠軍隊伍由徐崢(廣告及品牌二年級)、陳遙(中國研究一年級)、牟宇光 (計算機科學二年級)及吳昊洋(動畫及媒體藝術一年級)組成。獲獎短片旨在推廣社會企業「綠行俠」的咖啡渣回收行動,故事以「Beauty and Bean」為題,主角是咖啡豆,內容講述咖啡豆變成咖啡渣,繼而再循環再造成花盆後,成功長伴深愛的女主角。
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