Kwan Chak-shing (right) receives the best poster award for his work relating to new macromolecular machines


Date: 07 May 2018 (Monday)


HKBU Chemistry PhD student receives best academic poster award


PhD student Kwan Chak-shing of the Department of Chemistry of Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) received the best poster award for his academic poster entitled “Higher-Generation Type III-B Rotaxane Dendrimers with Controlling Particle Size in Three-Dimensional Molecular Switching” at the ACS Publication Forum on Nano-, Meso-, and Micro-structured Materials for Energy, Electronics and Biotechnology.

The forum which was held at SUSTech Shenzhen in April, attracted around 300 participants from more than 70 universities around the world, as well as 14 journals’ Editor-in-Chief from the American Chemical Society Publications, to present their work.

Under the supervision of Dr Ken Leung Cham-fai, Associate Professor of the Department of Chemistry, Chak-shing’s research mainly focuses on the design and synthesis of novel mechanically interlocked molecules, macromolecular machines, organocatalysts, and molecular sensors. In the poster, the synthesis and characterisation of new macromolecular machines and their potential application as an actively controlled anti-cancer drug delivery system were presented. He successfully made a major breakthrough on effective synthesis of novel higher-generation macromolecular machines.

香港浸會大學化學系博士生關擇誠同學憑學術海報「Higher-Generation Type III-B Rotaxane Dendrimers with Controlling Particle Size in Three-Dimensional Molecular Switching」,在美國化學學會有關納米、介觀及微米結構的能源、電子與生物科技材料論壇上,奪得最佳海報獎。



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