Date: 11 Apr 2018 (Wednesday)


HKBU establishes Journalism Fellowship Scheme to enhance professional development of journalists from Asian countries and territories

浸大傳理學院推出記者訪問計劃  促進亞洲國家及地區記者專業發展

HKBU School of Communication announced the establishment of the HKBU Journalism Fellowship Scheme, the first-of-its-kind journalism exchange programme in Hong Kong for working journalists from Asian countries and territories. The Scheme aims to build a platform for journalists with different backgrounds and working experiences to strengthen their professional skills. The Scheme also aims to foster connections between the School and the media industry, enriching local journalism education.

The selection committee of the Scheme, comprising scholars and representatives from the journalism industry, will select six to eight fellows to visit the School from September to November this year. They will have the opportunity to attend various courses and seminars, meet with guest speakers from the US at the Pulitzer Prize Winners Workshop from 22 to 26 October, write feature reports on HKBU’s First Global University Students Film Festival which will be held between 7 and 9 November, and visit leading media organisations in Hong Kong. Furthermore, selected journalists will do a project on a journalism-related topic, run workshops related to their specialisations, and present their findings at the end of the scheme.

Mr Raymond Li, HKBU Department of Journalism Senior Lecturer and Director of Institute for Journalism and Society of the School, stated that the aim of the scheme is to gather outstanding journalists from across Asia. It is hoped that through various activities, they will enhance their knowledge and understanding of hot issues and topics in Asia and build professional networks, and thus promote the continuous development of the field of journalism. 

“Fellows will also share their frontline experiences, along with their views and observations regarding the development of journalism, which I believe will bring great inspiration to our faculty and students,” Li said.

The HKBU Journalism Fellowship Scheme is co-funded by the School’s Institute for Journalism and Society and the Timothy Yu Communication Education Foundation. The Scheme is now open for applications until 30 April 2018. For more details, please visit the website of the Scheme.


由學者及業界代表組成的評委會將選出6 至8位訪問記者,於今年9月至11月到訪傳理學院。期間他們將會出席各種講座、課堂、普立玆新聞獎得主工作坊(10月22至26日)的嘉賓訪談,採訪浸大電影學院首屆全球大學生電影節(11月7日至9日),以及參觀本港主要媒體機構等。此外,獲選記者須要進行一個與新聞相關的研究項目,並主持專題研討會及提交研究成果。
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