Date: 11 Oct 2017 (Wednesday)


Clarification on matters discussed with student representatives


A spokesman of HKBU said President Roland Chin had a meeting with several student representatives recently on a number of topics. In response to the Students’ Union’s post on social media today, the spokesman wishes to clarify about the matters discussed in the meeting.

In the meeting, Professor Chin reiterated that the University welcomes discussions on various topics on campus, provided that all the discussions encompass different views and every person has an equal opportunity to express his or her opinions. A rational and legal way of expression should be safeguarded in the discussions and illegal actions would not be accepted.

Regarding the democracy walls on campus, Professor Chin mentioned that they are managed by the Students’ Union and all the posts should conform to the established regulations for posting. The University will request the Students’ Union to remove those posts that are found to be illegal or involve defamation, personal attack, or damage personal dignity and individual rights. Under special circumstances, University staff will remove these posts after informing the Students’ Union.

For statements issued by the University, Professor Chin said the University will communicate with relevant stakeholders when preparing official statements on important issues. The views of students will be taken into consideration for issues concerning students. Decisions will be made to provide the utmost benefit to the University as a whole and not solely at the request of particular stakeholders.






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