Date: 05 May 2017 (Friday)


HKBU presents contemporary ink art by renowned artist Choi Hoi-ying


The Kaitak Centre for Research and Development of the Academy of Visual Arts (AVA) of Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) organises an exhibition on campus for renowned contemporary ink painter Mr Choi Hoi-ying.

Mr Choi has won the Urban Council Fine Arts Award in the Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial, the award of Kunststation Kleinsassen Gallery Liebau from Germany and other awards from America, Europe and Asia, and his works are collected by local institutions including the Hong Kong Museum of Art.

Mr Choi was invited by Kaitak Centre for Research and Development as Artist-in-residence from March 2017. The discussions, interactions with students and experiment in Chinese and Western art forms and techniques during his residency in the Academy of Visual Arts helped him produce an essential part of a large scale ink art installation, opening up a new dimension of ink art practice.

The exhibition runs from present to 13 May 2017, presenting 22 pieces of work including the large scale ink art installation, entitled “Rhapsody of Our Island”. The installation is the result of Mr Choi’s residency in the Academy. He manipulated found objects and coloured papers with Chinese ink and brush strokes, mounted segments onto the gallery wall space, wrapped xuen papers into streams and waves, turning the installation into vivid three dimensional landscape. The exhibition also showcases the contemporary ink art practices of the master. Audiences will find out how Choi merges painting, calligraphy and traditional Chinese aesthetics into contemporary ink art pieces. Choi not only expresses forms, spirits and poeticness through brush strokes and various cunfa and the Yin and Yang of natural landscape through the contrast of opaque and blank space in his paintings, but he also combines traditional crafts such as paper wrapping, paper craving and collages, and reliefs used in ancient rock art in his contemporary ink art installations.

The Artist-in-residence programme is sponsored by Mrs So Chau Yim-ping.

Period: runs until 13 May 2017
Open Hours: 10:00 – 20:00
Venue: Koo Ming Kown Exhibition Gallery, Communication and Visual Arts Building, 5 Hereford Road, Kowloon Tong

Artist Sharing
Date: 6 May, 2017 (Saturday)
Time: 3pm – 4pm
Venue: Koo Ming Kown Exhibition Gallery, Communication and Visual Arts Building, 5 Hereford Road, Kowloon Tong
*Artist Sharing will be conducted in Cantonese.
*Seat limited. Registration required

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蔡先生曾獲當代香港藝術雙年展市政局藝術獎、德國 Kunststation Kleinsassen Gallery Liebau 獎,於歐美、亞洲等地亦曾受嘉獎,其作品獲香港藝術館及各大專院校收藏。他過去曾於香港大專院校及中外藝術機構擔任駐校藝術家,教授當代水墨。浸大視覺藝術院於本年三月邀請蔡先生擔任駐校藝術家,在啟德研究與發展中心開辦的工作坊中帶領視覺藝術院同學從傳統水墨走入當代。在是次展覽中,他把駐校藝術工作坊與成員對古今中西藝術形式、技法的探討和實驗過程,構成了是次大型立體裝置作品的重要部份,使水墨藝術走向更廣闊和多元的創作空間。

是次展覽由今日至5月13 日止,展出22件作品,包括大型立體裝置作品「海島狂想曲」。該裝置是蔡氏駐校期間的創作成果,他把現成物和色紙以水墨加工、將多幅水墨畫作裱貼到展覽廳的白牆,又將宣紙皺摺成流水和海浪,整件裝置頓成為一座生氣勃勃的自然山水。展覽亦展出蔡先生過去的當代水墨藝術創作流程。透過是次展覽,觀眾可看到蔡先生如何把傳統平面的書畫藝術與古典美學精神,融合到當代水墨藝術中,例如:書法線條的意態、神態、韻律等美學元素、自然山水的黑白相生和陰陽氣象及皴法符號等筆墨語言。蔡先生又把先民原始的包紮術、民間紙雕藝術的裱貼及遠古洞穴岩畫的浮雕印記等,引進至當代水墨藝術新空間。



日期: 5月6日(六)
時間: 下午3時至4時
地點: 九龍塘禧福道5號香港浸會大學傳理視藝大樓地下顧明均展覽廳

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