Date: 08 Jun 2018 (Friday)


HKBU scholar names new gecko species unique to Hong Kong

浸大學者發現香港獨有新種壁虎並為其命名 下周一與傳媒分享

The research group led by Dr Sung Yik-hei, Lecturer of the Department of Biology of Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) has described and named a new species of gecko endemic to Hong Kong. The species description was published in an international scientific journal on the study of taxonomy.

This species of gecko is only found in Hong Kong and is probably a threatened species. It is small in length, making its identification difficult. It is currently the smallest gecko species known in Hong Kong.

Dr Sung Yik-hei will meet the media on Monday to announce the name of the new species, and to introduce details of the species.

Details of the sharing session:

Date:      11 June 2018 (Monday)
Time:      11 am
Venue:      SCT 909, 9/F, Cha Chi-ming Science Tower, Ho Sin Hang Campus (old campus), HKBU, Waterloo Road, Kowloon Tong
Language: Mainly in Cantonese

Remarks: A newly described species is a species previously unknown to Science, in other words, it has been discovered on Earth for the first time. The person who describes it has the right to name it.

You are cordially invited to send reporters/photographers to cover the above event.




日期:    2018年6月11日(星期一)
時間:    上午11時
地點:    九龍塘窩打老道 浸會大學善衡校園(舊校)
       查濟民科學大樓  九樓SCT909室
語言:    廣東話為主


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