Professor Franklin Luk (left) and Professor Tsui Kai-chong, Provost of SIM University represent the two institutions to sign an agreement for the betterment of teaching and learning.

副校長(學術)陸大章教授(左)和新加坡新躍大學副校長Tsui Kai-chong教授代表兩校簽訂合作備忘錄,促進教與學發展。

Date: 25 Jun 2015 (Thursday)


HKBU signs agreement with SIM University of Singapore on collaborations enhancing student learning

浸大與新加坡新躍大學簽訂合作備忘錄 促進學習交流

A 15-person HKBU delegation led by Professor Franklin Luk, Vice-President (Academic), signed a Memorandum of Understanding with SIM University of Singapore during the eLearning Forum Asia 2015 held from 17 to 19 June. Under the agreement, the two institutions will collaborate on academic endeavours and activities that will enhance student learning and quality of teaching for a period of three years. In addition, it is anticipated that students of the two institutions will be able to enroll in selected courses that are supported by e-learning technologies being offered by either institution.

After the ceremony, Professor Luk delivered a plenary presentation entitled “Nurturing Whole Persons in a Technology-Driven World: Success Stories from Hong Kong Baptist University” which highlighted the University’s deployment of e-learning to assist Whole Person Education endeavours. In addition, eight colleagues from HKBU Library, Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning, School of Chinese Medicine, Department of Mathematics, Department of Music and School of Continuing Education delivered presentations at the Forum.


儀式後,陸教授發表題為「Nurturing Whole Persons in a Technology-Driven World: Success Stories from Hong Kong Baptist University」的演說,闡述浸大善用電子學習協助達至全人教育的目標。此外,八位來自圖書館、全人教育教與學中心、中醫藥學院、數學系、音樂系及持續進修學院的同事亦於研討會上發表論文。