Ngan Chiu-ming (second from left), Cherries Chung (fourth from left), John Cheung (fifth from left), Sarah Chung (sixth from left) and Joscelin Yeung (seventh from left) show their concern for members of the society and capture three awards at the Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge for their innovative barrier-free information platform

顏招銘同學 (左二)、鍾卓澄同學 (左四)、張子耀校友 (左五)、鍾嘉希同學 (左六) 和楊臻茜同學 (左七) 積極關注社群,他們的創意無障礙資訊程式設計成功贏得香港社會企業挑戰賽三大獎項

Date: 21 Apr 2015 (Tuesday)


HKBU students’ innovative business plan sweeps three awards at Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge

浸大生無障礙資訊程式設計 贏社會企業挑戰賽三大獎項

Team “@ccompany” formed by five HKBU students and alumnus entered into the Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge organised by the Center for Entrepreneurship of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Their innovative platform designed to provide information on barrier-free facilities including local sights and eateries has successfully won them the first runner-up prize from over 200 participating teams. It was awarded the Best Social Mission Award and the Best Presentation Award together with a startup prize of HK$150,000 in support of their winning project.
The winning team comprised of John Cheung (Finance alumnus), Ngan Chiu-ming (Information Systems and e-Business Management, Year 3), Cherries Chung (Information Systems and e-Business Management, Year 3), Sarah Chung (Human Resources Management, Year 3), and Joscelin Yeung (Government and International Studies, Year 3).
According to a survey conducted by the Census and Statistics Department of the HKSAR Government, there are currently over 360,000 people with disabilities in Hong Kong. In view of this figure and a rapidly aging population, “@ccompany” hoped to design a platform of barrier-free information on travelling and eateries so people with disabilities and mobility difficulties can obtain information instantaneously and free of charge. The interactive mobile application also allows users to leave comments and suggestions. In addition, people with disabilities will be employed and trained to collect information and write reviews on barrier-free access for the platform which will also serve to enhance their confidence and affirm their personal value. Details of the team’s project can be found at:
The team thanked their advisor Professor Gordon Tang, Head of the Department of Finance and Decision Sciences, and other faculty members for their patience and guidance. Besides providing important information to help people with disabilities, they aimed at enhancing the community’s awareness of their needs. They hoped they could continue to expand the scope of service in order to further promote a barrier-free culture and social integration in the territory.
The Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge was launched in 2007 with the aim of educating students and the general public about social enterprises in Hong Kong and encouraging students to employ a creative entrepreneurial approach to solve real world social issues through a social venture business plan competition.

五位得獎人分別是張子耀校友 (財務學)、顏招銘同學 (資訊系統及電子商貿學三年級)、鍾卓澄同學 (資訊系統及電子商貿學三年級)、鍾嘉希同學 (人力資源管理學三年級) 和楊臻茜同學 (政治及國際關係學系三年級)。