Dr Zhang Ge receives recognition again for his related research on bones and wins the second prize in Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award (2014)


Date: 04 Mar 2015 (Wednesday)


Dr Zhang Ge of School of Chinese Medicine wins the second prize of Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award (2014)


Dr Zhang Ge, Director of the Technology Development Division and Associate Director of the Teaching Division of the School of Chinese Medicine, and Deputy Director of the Institute for Advancing Translational Medicine in Bone and Joint Diseases, recently won the second prize in Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award (2014) presented by the Chinese Medical Association for his project conducted in collaboration with the Institute of Radiation Medicine of Academy of Military Medical Sciences in Beijing, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Astronaut Research and Training Center of China.  

In the award-winning project entitled “Investigation of regulatory mechanism of ubiquitin ligases and their application in the treatment of osteoporosis”, researchers found that the “CKIP-1” factor can inhibit bone formation while the factor “SCFFBXL15” can enhance bone formation. It has also been found that the delivery system “(DSS)6-liposome” helps promote bone anabolic action of osteogenic siRNAs.  

Dr Zhang Ge said that the project has revealed the regulatory mechanism of ubiquitin ligases and identified various potential molecule targets for the treatment of osteoporosis. He said that the award is a source of great encouragement for the team, which will continue to spare no efforts in research leading to the development of effective new drugs.