Mr Cheng Yan-kee (centre) and Professor Albert Chan (sixth from right) receive the HK$5 million donation from Mr An Yubao (fifth from left) on behalf of HKBU

鄭恩基主席 (中) 和陳新滋校長 (右六) 代表大學接受由安郁寶先生 (左五) 捐贈的500萬港元捐款

(From left) Professor Lu Aiping, Professor Zhu Quan, Mr Cheng Yan-kee, and Mr An Yubao visit the newly established "Consun Chinese Medicines Research Centre for Renal Diseases" after the ceremony

(左起) 呂愛平教授、朱荃教授、鄭恩基主席和安郁寶先生於儀式後參觀新成立的「康臣腎病中藥研究中心」

Date: 05 Feb 2015 (Thursday)


HKBU receives HK$5 million donation from Consun Pharmaceutical Group Limited to establish a Chinese medicine research centre for renal diseases


The University received a donation of HK$5 million from Consun Pharmaceutical Group Limited (Consun Group) for the establishment of a research centre under the School of Chinese Medicine (SCM). The aim of the new centre is to drive forward the School's research project and develop Chinese medicine for the prevention and treatment of renal diseases. In recognition of the generous support from the Consun Group, the University has named a laboratory in the Jockey Club School of Chinese Medicine Building the "Consun Chinese Medicines Research Centre for Renal Diseases".

An agreement signing and cheque presentation ceremony was held by the University today (5 February). Officiating at the ceremony were Mr An Yubao, Chairman and Executive Director, Consun Pharmaceutical Group Limited, and Professor Albert Chan, President and Vice-Chancellor. Accompanying guests included Professor Zhu Quan, Executive Director and Chief Scientist, Consun Pharmaceutical Group Limited; Mr Gao Haien, Board Secretary and Joint Company Secretary, Consun Pharmaceutical Group Limited; Mr Cheng Yan-kee, Chairman of the Council and the Court, HKBU; Professor Rick Wong, Vice-President (Research and Development); and Professor Lu Aiping, Dean of SCM. At the ceremony, Mr An Yubao presented the HK$5 million cheque to Mr Cheng Yan-kee and Professor Albert Chan who received the donation on behalf of the University.

In his speech, Professor Albert Chan said the Consun Group shares the same vision and objective with SCM in the discovery of Chinese medicine treatments so as to benefit patients suffering from different kinds of illnesses. He believed that cooperation between business enterprises and tertiary institutions and research units is indeed a great combination that generates a win-win outcome. Professor Chan expressed his gratitude to the Consun Group for their confidence in SCM and hoped that the new research centre for renal diseases, set up with the support of the Consun Group, could continue its endeavours in new drug discovery in the future to help more renal disease patients through the concerted efforts of SCM's research team and related parties.

With the aim of fostering drug discovery for renal diseases to enhance public health, the donation of the Consun Group will support the research centre's project on research and development of Chinese medicine in related areas, which includes the setting up of a research team and construction of in vivo models.


大學並於今日 (2月5日) 舉行協議簽訂及支票致送儀式,由康臣葯業集團有限公司主席兼執行董事安郁寶先生和校長陳新滋教授代表雙方簽署協議,陪同簽署的嘉賓包括康臣葯業集團有限公司執行董事兼首席科學家朱荃教授、董事會秘書及聯席公司秘書高海恩先生、浸大校董會暨諮議會主席鄭恩基先生、副校長 (研究及拓展) 黃偉國教授和中醫藥學院院長呂愛平教授。康臣葯業集團安郁寶先生並於會上致送港幣500萬元的支票予大學,由鄭恩基主席和陳新滋校長代表接受。