Date: 23 Jan 2015 (Friday)


New Book by Staff


China Trade Painting: 1750s to 1880s  

ISBN 978-7-306-05037-3  

Author: Dr Jack Lee, Assistant Professor of Visual Arts          

China trade painting proliferated in China in the 18th and 19th century and is closely
correlated to the socio-economic-political development of the time. The huge amount of trade paintings manufactured during that period, particularly in Canton and Hong Kong, reflects the exchange and interplay between the late Qing Empire and foreigners in various aspects, including diplomacy, missionary activity, as well as art and craft. This book aims to reveal how Chinese artists from China’s coastal areas produced and traded the images of China through painting in western media, an art form that was sought after by visitors. Whilst not much has been written about China trade painting in the art history field, the author, by presenting substantial amounts of research materials and original works, shows the significance and potential of this subject in the study of Chinese art history.