(From left) Professor Raymond Wong, Professor Ricky Wong and Dr Edmond Ma


Date: 15 Jan 2015 (Thursday)


Three Chemistry scholars listed in Nature Index 2014 China


Three scholars from the Department of Chemistry of HKBU were listed in the Nature Index 2014 China by the Nature Publishing Group, which tracked the research outputs of scholars from the six universities in Hong Kong to selected scientific journals of high-quality research from 1 January to 31 December 2013. The output-per-subject results showed that HKBU has the highest proportion (66%) of publications in chemistry, which was described as “well above the national average”, according to the Nature Index 2014 China report 1. The index was produced based on the “weighted fractional count (WFC)” which is a measure of the contribution of an institution by the papers its scientists have co-authored. 
They are Professor Raymond Wong, Head and Chair Professor; Professor Ricky Wong, Professor; and Dr Edmond Ma, Assistant Professor of the Department of Chemistry. 
Professor Raymond Wong said, “HKBU encourages interdisciplinary research and academic exchange, all these have facilitated cooperation and generated valuable advice from colleagues outside my field to help further my research.” He has six articles (WFC = 1.6) in the index covering heterometallic complexes, which are used in highly efficient organic solar cells and light-emitting diodes.
Professor Ricky Wong is the largest contributor in terms of the WFC index, with two articles on the development of fluorescent probes (WFC = 1.8). He mentioned that an efficient multi-photon system for turning red light blue can serve as high-energy coherent sources for use in lasers and imaging applications.
Dr Edmond Ma has published three articles (WFC = 1.7) in the related field of luminescent probes as a result of a collaboration with researchers from HKBU’s School of Chinese Medicine, leading to the discovery of novel metal complexes for treating skin cancer. He said, “At HKBU, departments work very closely together, and this has been an important factor in research collaborations”.
The Nature Index tracks the affiliations of high-quality scientific articles. It is a global indicator of high-quality research by institution and country, and can be used to benchmark research performance. The Index counts articles from 68 high-quality journals which are most favoured by the scientific community to publish their best research.
1 Nature Index 2014 China, 2014 Macmillan Publishers Limited, S64-S65。



黃維揚教授說:「浸大鼓勵跨學科研究和學術交流,這些活動讓我與來自不同領域的同事合作,集思廣益,也促進了我的研究。」他發表了六篇(WFC = 1.6)有關應用於高效能有機太陽能電池和發光二極管的異核金屬絡合物的文章。

按WFC指數計算,黃文成教授的貢獻最大,他發表了兩篇有關開發熒光探針的論文(WFC = 1.8)。他指出,多光子系統可以有效地將紅光變為藍光,並可應用到激光及成像的高能量相干源。



1 Nature Index 2014 China, 2014 Macmillan Publishers Limited, 頁S64-S65。