Mai Guangcan (second from right) and Mei Minyue (second from left) receive “The Best Unit” award

麥廣燦 (右二) 和 梅旻玥 (左二) 接受「最佳組織」獎

Date: 23 Dec 2014 (Tuesday)


HKBU students scoop award at innovative business plan competition


Mai Guangcan (MPhil, Year 2) of the Faculty of Science, Mei Minyue (MPhil, Year 1) of the School of Chinese Medicine, Zhang Huachen (MPhil, Year 1) of the School of Business and Mr Justin Yum, Teaching Assistant of the Faculty of Science, won “The Best Unit” award with their outstanding presentation skills at an innovative business plan competition held at the “Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macau-Taiwan Innovative and Young Entrepreneurship Exchange Programme” in mid-December.

Their CMCC Chinese medicine health care housekeeper business proposal outlined the concept of their company, CMCC, which is to develop an interactive Chinese medicine health care platform encompassing the elements of mobile application and website for Chinese medicine practitioners and users. Through the method of large data analysis, the company aims to provide a tailor-made long-term Chinese medicine health care plan for users.

Organised by Shenzhen and Hong Kong Information Technology Association together with the Hong Kong Information Technology Joint Council and the China Association for Science and Technology, the competition attracted 21 tertiary institutions from the Mainland, Macau, Taiwan and Hong Kong. These included Harbin Institute of Technology University, Tsinghua University, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The University of Hong Kong and the Macau University of Science and Technology. The competition aimed at testing contestants’ creativity on the design of a business plan, organisational skills and knowledge of science and technology.

理學院麥廣燦 (哲學碩士二年級)、中醫藥學院梅旻玥 (哲學碩士一年級)、工商管理學院張華晨 (哲學碩士一年級) 和理學院教學助理任展峰先生組成團隊,參加在12月中舉行的「2014深港澳台青年創新創業交流營」,在創新創業大賽中,以出色的匯報技巧,贏得「最佳組織」獎。