Rachel Li (left) and Yvonne Yew (third from left) demonstrate strong team spirit with the two undergraduate students from Singapore and grab the second runner-up prize in the Investment Banking Case Study Competition

李紫瑞同學 (左)、尤鉷榆同學 (左三) 與另外兩位來自新加坡的本科課程學生發揮極佳的團隊精神,奪得投資銀行案例分析大賽季軍

Date: 12 Nov 2014 (Wednesday)


Business students claim second runner-up spot in Investment Banking Case Study Competition


Two Year 3 Accounting students from the School of Business, Rachel Li and Yvonne Yew, joining with two Singaporean students from the Nanyang Technological University and National University of Singapore, participated in the Investment Banking Case Study Competition co-organised by Credit Suisse and Asia Investment Banking Conference. The team’s outstanding performance successfully won them the second runner-up award in the contest.  

Playing the role of analysts in an Investment Banking Department, contestants were given a scenario and were asked to present a strategic review to the Board of Directors of Lenovo Group Ltd.  

Rachel said: “You can imagine the long-distance discussion between the team members was not easy and time-consuming. However, we were able to utilise the database, books and resources of the three universities in two countries to conduct research. This is a unique experience which enabled us to collaborate closely with university students from another country and to learn from them academic aspects and communication skills.” She thanked their coach Mr Man Ko, Lecturer I of the Department of Accountancy and Law, for his devotion, professionalism and guidance which provided a great deal of inspiration to the team during the competition and led them to their success.  

Mr Man Ko was glad that the international team achieved a remarkable result in the competition with their successful teamwork across universities and borders. He said: “The preparation work was particularly challenging. The two Singaporean students only arrivein Hong Kong one day before the competition so the team had to work under a very tight schedule to prepare for the final presentation.”

工商管理學院兩位修讀會計學的三年級學生李紫瑞和尤鉷榆,早前與另外兩位分別就讀新加坡南洋理工大學和新加坡國立大學的學生組成隊伍,參加由瑞信與Asia Investment Banking Conference聯合舉辦的投資銀行案例分析大賽,憑著團隊的卓越表現,成功贏得季軍殊榮。