(From left) Miss Becky Lee, Dr Fredric Mao, Dr Alfred Cheung and moderator Professor Eva Man, Executive Associate Dean of Graduate School, discuss careers in the performing arts


Date: 09 Oct 2014 (Thursday)


Distinguished alumni artistes share insights on stage


Three outstanding alumni in the field of performing arts, Dr Fredric Mao, Dr Alfred Cheung and Miss Becky Lee, shared their valuable experience on the stage, in the arts and culture and in life at the “Alumni Sharing Forum – Make Arts and Culture a Glamorous Career” held on 7 October 2014. 
Passionate about theatre production since a tender age, Dr Fredric Mao, an English Language and Literature alumnus who is currently Chair of the School of Chinese Opera at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, realised his dream career in theatre through a firm belief and hard work over the years. Dr Mao’s passion for theatrical production motivated him to cherish his studies in pursuit of his dream, and later to develop his career in the United States after he graduated from HKBU. He never looked back. Step by step, he gained practical experience in theatrical production. Today, Dr Mao is a renowned and highly respected maestro not just in theatre, but also in Cantonese Opera and Xiqu. 
A reputable film director, Chinese Language and Literature alumnus Dr Alfred Cheung said that when he first started writing scripts and making films, he saw it as a means of making a living. That’s why he directed the box-office smash hit series Her Fatal Ways. However, his talents are not restricted to films. His experience in running restaurants has helped him understand the training needs of front-line staff. He has effectively applied the theories of acting to corporate trainings, which is yet another line of business he engages in. Among his varied roles, his favourite is still making films and writing as this is where he started and these can be passed onto generations to come. 
Miss Becky Lee, a Music alumna, said her fondness of music took root when she was a child.  She was thankful for the music and vocal training she received at HKBU as it has given her a solid foundation in vocal performance and facilitated her career development. She also shared her struggles between choosing a modeling and a singing career and the tough moments she experienced, citing an example of when she could not act to the satisfaction of the director of a TV drama. Yet, she overcame the difficult moments by reflecting on herself and learning from others. She also remarked that perseverance is the key to success.
At the panel discussion, the three speakers concluded that there is no windfall success -- it takes time, hard work, trial and error as well as life-long learning to pursue one's passion and dream career. 
Organised by the Alumni Affairs Office, the forum attracted a full house.