(From left) Dr. Hu Haibo, Li Tong, Chen Zhuo and Wang Liwei


Date: 03 Oct 2014 (Friday)


Computer Science students win Bronze award for internet application


A team of four Computer Science students won the Bronze Award (Revolution Application category) in the Hong Kong U-21 Internet of Things Awards 2014 with their project entitled "EyeBB: Intelligent Behaviour and Safety Tracker for Kids". The team developed a small device which tracks the location of children so users can rest assured they are in a designated safe area (for instance, home, school bus, or the kindergarten). Once a child leaves the designated safe area, the app sends a message to alert the user in order to prevent accidents.

HKBU team members Wang Liwei (Master in Advanced Information Systems), Chen Zhuo (MPhil.), Li Tong (Master in Information Technology Management) and Pei Kexin (Bachelor in Computing Studies, Final Year) competed with over 40 teams from tertiary institutions to receive the award.

Team leader Wang Liwei believed that teamwork was the key to their success. He said, "We hope the app we developed which helps tackle the issue of child safety can contribute to society. I would like to thank HKBU for giving us the precious platform to communicate with students from other universities." He expressed his gratitude to their project supervisor Dr. Hu Haibo, Research Assistant Professor of the Department of Computer Science, for giving them support.

Dr. Hu said, "It is rewarding for me and the students to participate in this competition. In addition, I am glad to see our research in ubiquitous computing turned into a product for the well-being of kids as well as our society."

For details of the app, please visit: http://www.eyebb.com/