Dr Tse Ka-kui (centre) receives the Honorary Professorship from Mr Cheng Yan-kee (left) and President Albert Chan

謝家駒博士 (中) 獲鄭恩基主席 (左) 與陳新滋校長頒授榮譽教授銜

Date: 24 Sep 2014 (Wednesday)


School of Business confers Honorary Professorship on Dr Tse Ka-kui


The School of Business welcomed more than 400 new postgraduate students and conferred an Honorary Professorship on Dr Tse Ka-kui, Founding Chair of Hong Kong Social Entrepreneurship Forum and the Founder and CEO of Education for Good CIC (Community Interest Company), at its Postgraduate Programmes Welcome Banquet cum Conferment of Honorary Professorship last Thursday (18 September). The honour was made in recognition of Dr Tse’s significant contribution to the development of social enterprise and social entrepreneurship in Hong Kong.

In his welcoming speech, Professor Albert Chan, President and Vice-Chancellor, highlighted the mission and core values of the School of Business. He said: “Educating visionary, ethical and caring leaders is at the heart of our business education. We strive to act as a ‘bridge’, bringing the issues and problems of the society into classroom learning as well as bringing our students and faculty members to engage with the community, to serve its needs and to cultivate a sustainable business environment in Hong Kong.”

Mr Cheng Yan-kee, Council and Court Chairman, praised Dr Tse for his important role in widening the audience for social enterprise and social entrepreneurship in Hong Kong and in placing the local endeavour and development in a broader, international context.

In his acceptance speech entitled “Why the Lean Startup Changes Everything – even for Business Schools and Social Enterprises”, Dr Tse introduced Eric Ries’s impactful Lean Startup concepts and methodology, and envisaged a transformation in the role of business schools in the future – from teaching things relevant to "business as usual" to inspiring students to create social businesses that change the world for the better.

工商管理學院於上周四 (9月18日) 舉行研究生課程迎新晚宴暨榮譽教授銜頒授典禮,歡迎逾400位新學員加入浸大家庭,並頒授榮譽教授銜予香港社會創業論壇創會主席及仁人學社創辦人兼首席導師謝家駒博士,以表揚他在推動香港社會企業與社會創業方面的貢獻。



謝家駒博士以「為何『精實創業 (Lean Startup)』改變一切──即使放於商學院及社會企業的發展亦然」為題,向在場人士介紹了由創業者Eric Ries所提出的一套「精實創業」基本概念及方法,並分享了他對商學院未來發展的願景。他說:「在未來,各地商學院的角色將出現重大的轉變,由現時注重傳授與日常營商相關的知識和技巧,改為以啓發學生參與社會創業為主,希望他們透過發展社會企業令世界變得更美好。」