Professor Atara Sivan (left) receives the award from Professor Christopher Edginton, Secretary General of World Leisure Organization.

蘇秀冠教授 (左) 獲世界休閒協會秘書長Christopher Edginton教授頒發獎項

Date: 17 Sep 2014 (Wednesday)


Professor Atara Sivan wins George Torkildsen Literary Award

蘇秀冠教授獲頒George Torkildsen獎

Professor Atara Sivan, Associate Dean (Teaching & Learning) of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Professor of Education Studies, was awarded the prestigious George Torkildsen Literary Award for her significant contribution to the leisure literature by advancing innovative ideas, thoughts and philosophical perspectives. The award was bestowed upon Professor Sivan at the recent 2014 World Leisure Congress held in Mobile, Alabama, USA.

Professor Sivan was awarded the honour in recognition of her significant literary activities that have made continuous and sustained contributions to the field of leisure education. These include research and scholarly endeavours that significantly influence new ideas and concepts, arouse professional awareness and lead to major changes in the way in which leisure studies and service movement are viewed and practiced.

Professor Sivan says that she feels much honored to be the recipient of the George Torkildsen Literary Award. She said: “I am especially privileged to receive this award which honours a prolific researcher and practitioner whose contribution to the field of leisure was outstanding. It is particularly significant to me to be awarded on the basis of my scholarly contribution to the field of leisure education which is a major area of my academic endeavour and to which I would like to continue contributing through both research and practice. I feel indebted to the Department, Faculty and the University for their ongoing support and encouragement”.

社會科學院副院長 (教學) 暨教育學系教授蘇秀冠教授最近在美國亞拉巴馬州莫比爾市舉行的2014世界休閒會議上,獲頒發著名的George Torkildsen獎,以表揚她在推動休閒研究的創新理念、思維和哲學觀點上作出重大貢獻。


蘇教授表示很榮幸成為George Torkildsen獎得主,她說: 「這個獎項是表揚在休閒領域上有出色貢獻的研究員及從業員,能夠獲獎實在是我的榮譽。今次獲獎是基於我在休閒教育的學術貢獻,於我來說十分重要,皆因這是我的主要學術研究範疇,我會繼續透過研究及實踐在這方面作出貢獻。我同時非常感謝學系、學院和大學一直以來對我的支持及鼓勵。」