Chelsea Chung (second from right) and Maggie Leung (second from left) express their gratitude to Ms Bonnie Chiu (left) and Mr Sum Wan-wah for their patient guidance and support

鍾梓楓同學 (右二) 與梁凱寧同學 (左二) 感謝兩位老師趙麗如女士 (左) 和岑蘊華先生的耐心指導和支持

Date: 26 Aug 2014 (Tuesday)


Two journalism students win Grand Jury Prize at inter-collegiate documentary competition


Two Year 3 students majoring in Broadcast Journalism, Chelsea Chung and Maggie Leung, from the Department of Journalism of the School of Communication, won the Grand Jury Prize for their collaborative work entitled The End is Yet to Come at the 2014 TVB Inter-Collegiate Documentary Competition. The jury was greatly moved by the meaningful story portrayed by their work on how people face the reality of death.

Exploring the end of life approaches taken by three patients with incurable illnesses, the award-winning work followed their individual journeys and showed how they adopted a positive attitude in order to reduce their family members’ anxiety. By candidly showing the views of three generations on death, the work fully exhibits depth and its power to inspire.

Chelsea and Maggie were delighted to receive the award and thanked Ms Bonnie Chiu, Senior Lecturer, and Mr Sum Wan-wah, Part-time Lecturer, of the Department of Journalism for their guidance and support. Chelsea expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the interviewees and their families for their trust in the production of the documentary which enabled her to grasp the meaning of living in the present and the importance of upholding a positive attitude when facing death.

Professor Huang Yu, Dean of the School of Communication, was proud of the students for their outstanding accomplishment. He said the award also served as a recognition to faculty members of the Department of Journalism. Professor Steve Guo, Head of the Department of Journalism, said the award represents more than an acknowledgement of achievement; it is an affirmation of the values shared by the students of the Department and their effort.

This was the first time the competition was held and three awards – a Grand Jury Prize and two Commendation Awards – were presented. Participants from the seven local tertiary institutions were required to produce a documentary of around 10 to 12 minutes on social issues in Hong Kong, which complied with the Generic Code of Practice on Television Advertising Standards. All submitted work will be broadcasted on TVB Jade on 21 and 28 September (Sunday) from 7 pm to 8 pm.

傳理學院新聞系兩位主修廣播新聞的三年級學生鍾梓楓和梁凱寧早前參加「2014 TVB大專紀實短片比賽」,憑著二人合力製作的短片作品名為《下一站─死亡》,探討人之將死如何面對死亡,其意義深遠的故事成功打動一眾評判,贏得最高榮譽的「評審大獎」。




比賽今年首度舉辦,設有一個「評審大獎」和兩個「優異獎」,吸引來自本地七所大專院校的學生參加。參賽隊伍須製作一段約10至12分鐘、圍繞香港社會時事主題,並符合《電視通用業務守則》的紀實短片。所有參賽作品將於9月21及28日 (星期日),晚上7時至8時於無綫電視翡翠台播出。