(From left) Members of the HKBU team – Ma Cheng, Meng Meng, Tang Yangfan, Zhang Chi, Chu Yuyang – and their coach Mr Man Ko

(左起) 五位得獎同學馬成、蒙萌、湯楊帆、張弛、初雨洋與團隊導師高文律先生

Date: 15 Jul 2014 (Tuesday)


Five Accounting students win second prize in Greater China region accounting and business case competition


A student delegation from the School of Business comprising five Year 2 students majoring in Accounting won the second prize in the Accounting and Business Case Competition 2014 organised by the China Commercial Accounting Institute (CCAI) and the China Chamber of International Commerce (CCOIC). 
The HKBU delegation “Case Crackers” which comprised Ma Cheng, Meng Meng, Tang Yangfan, Zhang Chi and Chu Yuyang competed with the other 16 teams from the Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong in the final contest. Contestants were required to come up with a three-year strategic business proposal to enhance the annual results of local listed company Cafe de Coral Group and prepare a 10-minute presentation on their proposal. Under the guidance of team coaches Dr Morris Liu, Assistant Professor, and Mr Man Ko, Lecturer I, of the Department of Accountancy and Law, and Miss Connie Li, Lecturer II of the Department of Marketing, the HKBU team outshone other teams with their creative idea and excellent teamwork and claimed the second prize. 
Organised for the first time by CCAI and CCOIC, the competition attracted over 60 participating teams of more than 300 university students from the Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau with the aim of improving their professional and practical abilities in the areas of finance and accounting. 

浸大代表隊「Case Crackers」的成員包括初雨洋同學、馬成同學、蒙萌同學、湯楊帆同學和張弛同學,他們於總決賽與其餘16支來自兩岸三地的隊伍角逐最後勝利。參賽隊伍須撰寫一份商業計劃書,為本地上市企業「香港大家樂集團」策劃一個可提高其未來三年業績的營運策略,並用十分鐘作簡單介紹,最後浸大代表隊在會計及法律學系助理教授劉明博士、一級講師高文律先生和市場學系二級講師李康妮女士的指導下,憑著隊員的創意策略和團體合作精神,成功贏得二等獎。