Pei Kexin will spend the next two years at Purdue University in the US.


Date: 09 Jul 2014 (Wednesday)


Computer Science student receives full sponsorship to pursue Master’s Degree at Purdue University


Computer Science final year student Pei Kexin recently received a research assistantship of about HK$360,000 per year to support him to study for a Master of Science degree in Computer Science at Purdue University in the US.

Kexin was invited by Professor Luo Si of Purdue University to join his research team.
Kexin would like to thank HKBU professors and staff who have supported him in pursuing his aspiration, including Professor Xu Jiangliang, Acting Programme Director, Dr William Cheung, Associate Head, Dr Haibo Hu, Research Assistant Professor, and Dr Fion Lee, Senior Lecturer, of the Department of Computer Science.

Kexin plans to spend the next two years on the research of information retrieval, machine learning and data mining. He hopes that his studies at Purdue University will lay the groundwork for his research and other endeavours in the future.

Kexin has received five scholarships for his outstanding academic performance during his four years at HKBU.