(From left) Leng Houfu, Dr Guo Baosheng and Liang Chao receive the three "Clinical and Translational Medicine Best Thesis Awards" at the Fifth Sino-American Symposium on Clinical and Translational Medicine held in Beijing.

(左起) 冷厚甫同學、郭保生博士與梁超同學一同出席在北京舉行的「第五屆中美臨床與轉化醫學國際論壇」,三人的出色研究分別獲大會頒發「臨床與轉化醫學優秀論文獎」

Date: 08 Jul 2014 (Tuesday)


Chinese medicine students and researcher win three Best Thesis Awards on bone and joint diseases


Three members of the School of Chinese Medicine (SCM), Leng Houfu, Year 4 student of the Bachelor of Chinese Medicine and Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Biomedical Science programme, Liang Chao, PhD student, and Dr Guo Baosheng, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, attended the Fifth Sino-American Symposium on Clinical and Translational Medicine (SAS-CTM) jointly organised by the Scientific Committee of SAS-CTM and China International Medical Foundation. Their excellent research papers on translational medicine in bone and joint diseases won them three "Clinical and Translational Medicine Best Thesis Awards" at the Symposium which was held to promote international academic exchange in the area of clinical and translational medicine.

Leng Houfu clinched the award for his paper "Therapeutic Silencing CKIP-1 in Osteoblasts for Reversing Established Aged Osteoporosis: Data from micro-CT analysis" while the award-winning papers of Liang Chao and Dr Guo Baosheng were "Aptamer-Functionalized Lipid Nanoparticle (LNPs) Targeting Osteoblasts as a Novel RNAi-Based Anabolic Strategy" and "Increased expression of Ckip-1 within osteoblasts associates with reduced BMP signaling and decreased bone formation during aging" respectively.

Leng said translational medicine is an innovative discipline that involves the application of both life science and cutting-edge technology. He expressed his gratitude for the guidance provided by Dr Zhang Ge, Dr Guo Baosheng and other supervisors of the University’s Institute for Advancing Translational Medicine in Bone and Joint Diseases, saying that he has learned a lot from their serious attitude in pursuing research and that his interest in research in the medical field has increased considerably.

中醫藥學院中醫學學士及生物醫學理學士 (榮譽) 學位課程四年級學生冷厚甫、博士研究生梁超與博士後研究學人郭保生博士早前出席由中美臨床和轉化醫學論壇科學委員會和中華國際醫學交流基金會聯合主辦的「第五屆中美臨床與轉化醫學國際論壇」,分別獲大會頒發三項「臨床與轉化醫學優秀論文獎」,以表揚三人在骨與關節疾病轉化醫學方面的出色研究,有助推動國際間臨床與轉化醫學領域的學術交流。