Shouting Box established by (from left) Cui Bofeng, Deng Bo, (first from right) Wei Yu-mou and Liang Xi (second from right) enables users to communicate anonymously on an online voice platform

(左起)崔博丰、鄧博、(右一)魏雨繆和(右二)梁希同學創立「Shouting Box」項目讓用戶享受私人的語音通訊體驗

Li Yuanxi (left) and Chan Sheung-wai (right) represent the Barrier-free School team in receiving the award

李原曦(左)和陳尚瑋同學(右)代表「無障礙學堂Barrier-free School」隊伍領獎

HKBU student Hung Chun-fung (first from left) and his team LUCAS Funland win the first runner-up in the Pitch Contest


Date: 24 Jun 2014 (Tuesday)


HKBU students' creative business ventures win entrepreneurship awards


The Knowledge Transfer Office recently announced the results of the "BEST $300,000 for New Venture – Business Plan Competition", part of its Business Entrepreneurship Support and Training (BEST) Programme. This year, the award winners were Shouting Box (business venture category) and Barrier-free School (social enterprise category). Each winning team will be given HK$300,000 in cash and in kind, covering entrepreneurial training, professional business services, as well as one year’s rental and services of an Incubation Office to put their entrepreneurial idea into practice.

Shouting Box was established by Cui Bofeng (Finance, Year 2), Deng Bo (Information System and E-Commerce Management, Year 2), Wei Yu-mou (Computer Science, Year 2) and Liang Xi (Visual Arts, Year 1). It provided an online platform on which users can communicate anonymously through voice. It allows people to enjoy an anonymous communication experience without any pre-judgment about the appearance, background and social status of the users. The team hopes to promote an easy and fair way of communication through Shouting Box, enabling users to take off their "social masks" and express themselves freely.

The Barrier-free School was designed by Li Yuanxi (PhD in Computer Science), Chan Sheung-wai (PhD in Computer Science), Dr Zou Waiwen (Computer Science alumnus), Chen Lijun (Master in Chinese Medicine), and two HKU students Cheung Wing-yin and Tsao Wen Yi. The team made use of barrier-free information technologies to provide learning courses, job coaching and an information technology promotion ambassador scheme, offering a three-in-one service entitled "Training + Job Matching + Career Support" to people with disabilities in Hong Kong. The project not only offered people in need a convenient way of learning, but also allowed them to transfer their knowledge by serving the community, working towards the goal of making Hong Kong an inclusive hub.

In addition, HKBU announced the results of the recent Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum 2014 Hong Kong Pitch Contest. The championship went to the Wonder Workshop team from Taiwan National Central University. The first runner-up was LUCAS Funland team formed by HKBU student Hung Chun-fung (Applied Physics, Final Year) and students of The University of Hong Kong. The second runner-up was presented to the Taiwan National Central University team.

知識轉移處最近公布創業支援與培訓計劃「30萬元商業方案設計比賽」的得獎結果,本年度由「Shouting Box」(商業創業類別)及「Barrier-free School無障礙學堂」(社會企業類別)兩支隊伍勝出。每隊各可獲得總值港幣30萬元大獎,包括現金獎、創業培訓、商業註冊及法律文書等專業服務,以及可進駐創業培育中心一年,繼續發展其得獎項目。

「Shouting Box」項目由崔博丰同學(財務學二年級)、鄧博同學(資訊系統及電子商貿學二年級)、魏雨繆同學(計算機科學二年級)和梁希同學(視覺藝術一年級)創立。項目提供了一個網上平台,讓用戶以語音通訊,令他們可以不受外表、背景、社會地位等因素影響,享受私人通訊體驗。組成「Shouting Box」的同學來自不同院系,他們希望以方便及公平的溝通方式,讓用戶放下「社會面具」,自由表達意見。

「無障礙學堂Barrier-free School」由李原曦同學(計算機科學博士生)、陳尚瑋同學(計算機科學博士生)、鄒衛文博士(計算機科學校友)、陳麗君同學(中醫藥學院碩士生)和兩位香港大學同學張詠妍和曹文奕創立。隊伍利用無障礙的資訊科技,透過課堂、職業指導平台及資訊科技推廣大使計劃,為本港傷健人士提供「培訓、職業配對、就業」的三合一服務。計劃不單為傷健人士帶來便利,亦讓他們運用所學技能服務社會,令香港成為一個傷健共融的社區。

此外,浸大公布早前舉行的「2014世界青年創業論壇香港站——演講比賽」的得獎結果。第一名由台灣國立中央大學同學組成的「灣得文創」隊伍奪得,第二名由浸大洪鎮峰同學(應用物理)聯同港大同學組成的「LUCAS Funland」隊伍奪得,台灣國立中央大學的隊伍取得第三名。