Elaine Lam (second from left) and Alexandra Seto (third from right) receive the Alexandre Yersin Scholarship from Ms Lilas Bernheim (second from right)

林亦晴 (左二) 和司徒慧珠 (右三) 獲Lilas Bernheim女士 (右二) 頒發Alexandre Yersin獎學金

Cheung Ka-hei (left) thanks Mr Philippe Guinet for sharing his expertise

張家希 (左) 感謝Philippe Guinet先生的教導

Date: 13 Jun 2014 (Friday)


European Studies students and alumna win scholarships and award to study in France


Four students and an alumna from the European Studies (French stream) recently won scholarships and an award to pursue postgraduate studies and language courses in France. 

Elaine Lam (Year 4) and Alexandra Seto (2008 graduate) were selected from 48 applicants to receive the prestigious Alexandre Yersin Scholarship presented by the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau to pursue Master’s degree programmes in France. Elaine will study at Montpellier University while Alexandra will go to EM Strasbourg Business School. Ms Lilas Bernheim, Deputy Consul General of France, presented the scholarship to them at a ceremony held on the occasion of an exhibition celebrating the achievement of Alexandre Yersin who 120 years ago discovered the bacillus responsible for the plague which caused centuries of death. The scholarship includes, among other benefits, a €660 allowance per month during the two years of study.  

Oscar Chan and Amy Hu (Year 2) won the Excellence Scholarship in French Language presented by the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau and The Légion d’Honneur Club Hong Kong Chapter. The Scholarship is awarded to applicants with good proficiency in the French language and strong motivation to study in France. Oscar and Amy received a Diplôme d’excellence certificate and were offered a French language course at the French Language and Culture Institute of Lyon in August.  

In addition, HKBU students joined an intensive training module on the orality of the French language with Mr Philippe Guinet, creator of the Association Les Passeurs de Mots, with students from three other universities. They then participated in a performance and a competition. Cheung Ka-hei (Year 2) won the championship which awarded him an all-inclusive one-month summer intensive course in French language in Lyon. The prize was offered by the Consulate General of France, The Légion d’Honneur Club Hong Kong Chapter, and the Université Catholique de Lyon. Three other HKBU students Loïc Ma (Year 2), Athena Kerin Tong (Year 1) and Karl Cheung (Chinese Medicine (Pharmacy), Year 4) also received the third, fourth and fifth place prizes respectively.

歐洲研究 (法文組) 四位同學及一位校友最近榮獲獎學金及獎項,前往法國修讀碩士課程及進修法文。  

林亦晴 (四年級) 和司徒慧珠 (2008年畢業生) 48位申請者中脫穎而出,奪得法國駐港澳總領事館頒發的Alexandre Yersin獎學金,到法國修讀碩士課程。亦晴將入讀Montpellier University,而慧珠則前往EM Strasbourg Business School攻讀。頒獎禮於展出120年前發現鼠疫桿Alexandre Yersin成就展覽會上舉行,由法國駐港澳副領事Lilas Bernheim女士頒發。獎學金包括在學兩年期間每月660歐元的津貼及其他福利。  

陳震和胡嘉琪 (年級) 獲法國駐港澳總領事館及The Légion d’Honneur Club香港分會頒發Excellence Scholarship in French Language。該獎學金授予法文良好並十分渴望前往法國進修的申請人。兩位同學獲頒獎狀,並同時獲得於今年8月到里昂法國語言及文化學院進修法文的機會。

此外,浸大同學與三所大學的同學參加由Association Les Passeurs de Mots創辦人Philippe Guinet先生主持的法文口語密集培訓課程,隨後又參與表演及比賽。結果由張家希 (年級) 奪得冠軍,贏得前往里昂參加為期一個月的法文暑期密集課程。獎項由法國駐港澳總領事館、The Légion d’Honneur Club香港分會和里昂天主教大學頒發。另外三位同學馬佳豪 (年級)、湯可盈 (年級) 及張永傑 (中藥學年級 ) 分別獲得第三、四及五名。