A series of jams symbolise different characteristics and feelings


Ng Kong-wah (left) and Liu Kwok-hong introduce their Emotion Jam project

吳江樺(左)和廖國康介紹他們策劃的Emotion Jam項目

Customised cajons are built according to customers’ preferences


Chan Hiu-tung (left) and Poon Ying-tung produce acoustic instruments and wooden items for customers


Date: 12 Jun 2014 (Thursday)


Business projects of Visual Arts students win Young Creative Entrepreneur Awards


The Young Creative Entrepreneur Award, organised by kaitak, Centre for Research and Development in Visual Arts of the Academy of Visual Arts, has been launched for the first time to encourage Visual Arts students and alumni to develop their innovative ideas into executable and self-sustainable business projects. The winning team will receive HK$50,000 as seed funding to execute their business project. This year, Emotion Jam and Saturn Wood Workshop were selected as the two winning projects.

Emotion Jam was initiated by two HKBU Master of Visual Arts students. They were inspired by Caravaggio’s renowned painting Supper at Emmaus to create seven flavours of jam representing seven different emotions. The project targets middle- to upper-class customers and the hospitality industry. The team customised unique jams for individual customers, produced made-to-order jams that represent the brand identities of hotels and airlines, and collaborated with wedding planners to custom-make souvenirs for weddings.

Saturn Wood Workshop was founded by two HKBU Visual Arts undergraduate students, who are fond of wooden items. They opened their own wood workshop and produced acoustic instruments or other wooden items for customers. The cajon built by Saturn Wood Workshop is much cheaper than the cajons commonly sold in Hong Kong. In addition, they build highly customised cajons according to customers’ preferences or special requests.

The award is funded by Mr Brandon Liu.

浸大視覺藝術院「啟德研究與發展中心」今年首次舉辦「創新企劃獎」,讓有志投身創意產業的視覺藝術學生及畢業生將構思付諸實踐。得奬隊伍可獲頒港幣50,000元以資助實踐創業計劃,今屆兩支得獎隊伍的計劃名為 Emotion Jam 和 Saturn Wood Workshop。

兩位視覺藝術碩士生吳江樺同學和廖國康同學策劃Emotion Jam項目。他們受畫家卡拉瓦喬的名作《以馬忤斯的晚餐》啟發,創出代表七種不同情感味道的果占。Emotion Jam的目標顧客以中、上階層的消費者及酒店等服務企業為主,為客人調配個人化的果占、為酒店或航空公司訂製代表其品牌的果占禮品,亦為婚禮策劃提供代表新婚夫婦的婚禮紀念品等。

另外,兩位視覺藝術本科生陳曉彤同學和潘映彤同學策劃Saturn Wood Workshop項目。她們對木製品情有獨鍾,於是運用自己的工藝為客人打造木製樂器以及特色小玩具。他們打造的木箱鼓價格相對較外國品牌便宜,亦可因應客人的喜好或特別要求,度身訂造別具個性的木箱鼓。