(Photo provided by HKADC) Professor John Aiken, Director of the Academy of Visual Arts, presents the award to Mr Kingsley Ng (left) at the ceremony


Date: 14 May 2014 (Wednesday)


Visual Arts Lecturer named Best Artist in Media Arts at Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2013

浸大視覺藝術院講師獲頒發    香港藝術發展獎 年度最佳藝術家獎(媒體藝術)

Mr Kingsley Ng, Lecturer of the Academy of Visual Arts, was recently presented the Best Artist (Media Arts) award at the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2013.  

The award panelists’ citation says: “He is an all-round, versatile artist and his work is varied, both in forms and genres. Among them are an outstanding series of installations that ooze audio and visual appeal. He has also demonstrated outstanding achievements during the year, devoting himself to local community work and arts activities abroad, making a positive impact not only on himself but also the overall development of the arts in Hong Kong.”  

Mr Ng’s artistic endeavours include media art, experience design, social innovation and sustainable design. His works focus on the intimate interactions of people with their environment and culture. Technology is made inconspicuous. He said, “What we call interactive arts are essentially interactions between people, society and nature. Technology is just a tool that helps us achieve that.”  

Mr Ng joined the Academy of Visual Arts in 2008. Since joining the Academy, he has been of the view that the students’ projects can be taken outside classrooms to establish more links with the cultural scene. He said, “It is important for our students to learn to become ‘cultural producers’, not merely ‘cultural consumers’.”  

This year, a total of 29 awards were presented to local artists, arts organisations, schools and business organisations commending their unstinting support and contribution to arts development in Hong Kong.  

To find out Mr Ng’s philosophy of art, please visit: http://youtu.be/lgX4cdYW4rA