The dazzling skills displayed by HKBU Dance Association members win them the championship and the award for best choreography at the Intra-Varsity Dance Competition this year.


Date: 13 May 2014 (Tuesday)


HKBU Dance Association wins championship and best choreography prize at Intra-Varsity Dance Competition


The HKBU Dance Association recently won the championship and the award for best choreography at the Intra-Varsity Dance Competition 2013-14.

Through their piece entitled The City of Fading Light, the 22-student HKBU team tried to express a phenomenon in Hong Kong today – some people want to leave Hong Kong, but because of their precious memories in the city, they have no choice but to stay. What is their future under these circumstances?

The first part of the performance showed citizens trying to voice their opinion in order to improve the environment in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, no one paid attention to their opinion.

In the second part, the dance expressed the anger of the citizens whose voices were neglected. The citizens attempted to hold a revolution.

The third part was about the citizens' desire to leave Hong Kong. Unfortunately, owing to their unforgettable memories in the city, they failed to do so and were left with an uncertain future.

Ken Leung, Internal Vice President and team member of the Association, said: “The City of Fading Light conveys meaningful message. It reminds us, and all Hong Kong people, to pay attention to the changes in our society, and that we can help our city if we are willing to do so.” The team thanked their coach Mr Billy Chan and choreographer Mr Yip Chan for preparing the team to perform the meaningful dance piece.