Professor Kara Chan (right) and Mr Lennon Tsang win a Highly Commended Paper award

陳家華教授 (右)與曾良倫先生的論文榮獲「高度推薦獎」

Date: 08 Apr 2014 (Tuesday)


HKBU Communication scholars win paper award for predicting healthy eating of Danish adolescents

預測丹麥青少年健康飲食行為 浸大兩傳播學者獲頒論文獎

Professor Kara Chan, Professor of Communication Studies of the School of Communication, and Mr Lennon Tsang, Lecturer of the School of Communication, won a Highly Commended Paper Award at the Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2013 for their co-authored paper "Using Theory of Planned Behavior to predict healthy eating of Danish adolescents" with two Danish scholars.

The study surveyed 410 students aged 11 to 16 years studying in Grade 6 to Grade 10 in Denmark on their healthy eating behaviour. Research findings showed that perceived behavioural control followed by attitudes were the most important factors in predicting behavioural intention. Females and adolescents with a higher BMI were also found to have a stronger behavioural intention. Healthy eating was perceived to be beneficial and useful, and to a lesser extent, interesting and desirable.

The research also revealed that family, TV programmes and teachers were influential socialisation agents, so they should be made aware of their role in fostering healthy eating behaviours in adolescents. The research concluded that as perceived behavioural control was the strongest predictor of behavioural intention, interventions and messages communicated to adolescents on healthy eating should empower them with knowledge, ability and determination to eat healthily.

Professor Chan's research papers have received commendations in the past. This is the fifth time that she has won an Emerald Literati Network award. Professor Chan said: "This study is an extension of a Hong Kong study on healthy eating among adolescents. It was found that adolescents did not find healthy eating fun and interesting. There is a need to change this attitude and make healthy eating an interesting and enjoyable experience for them."

The award was presented by Emerald Group Publishing Limited. Every year, Emerald Literati Network invites each journal's editorial team to nominate what they believe has been that title’s Outstanding Paper and up to three Highly Commended Papers from the previous 12 months. The Health Education editorial team chose the "Using Theory of Planned Behavior to predict healthy eating of Danish adolescents" as an award winner because it was one of the most impressive pieces of work that the team had seen throughout 2013.

傳理學院傳播系陳家華教授、傳理學院講師曾良倫先生與兩位丹麥學者合著的論文〈Using Theory of Planned Behavior to predict healthy eating of Danish adolescents〉(以計劃行為理論去預測丹麥青少年的健康飲食行為) 最近獲頒2013年Emerald Literati Network 最佳論文獎中的「高度推薦獎」。



陳教授的研究論文屢獲好評,這是她第五次獲頒Emerald Literati Network獎項。她說:「是項研究是香港同類研究的延伸。研究發現青少年不覺得健康飲食是樂趣,因此需要改變他們的態度,令健康飲食成為他們覺得有趣並享受的經驗。」

獎項由Emerald Group Publishing Limited頒發。Emerald Literati Network每年均邀請旗下所有期刊的編輯委員會,在刊物過去十二個月內發表的論文中,提名一篇論文角逐「卓越論文獎」和最多三篇論文角逐「高度推薦獎」。〈Using Theory of Planned Behavior to predict healthy eating of Danish adolescents〉是2013年芸芸論文中,令《Health Education》編輯委員會印象深刻的論文之一,因而獲選得獎。