Miss Jovial Yeung’s work "The Victim: Shark": W 63.5 x H 48.5 x D 9 cm, 2013, Material: glass, gold leaves, canvas


Miss Tania Wong’s work "Pause": 8 x 8 x 12, 5 pieces, 2011, Material: hand-blown glass

黃芷櫻小姐的作品《留》,尺寸: 長: 8 寬: 8 高:12,共 5 件, 作品重量: 3.3kg,2011年,材料:吹制玻璃

Date: 04 Apr 2014 (Friday)


Glass work of two Visual Arts alumni win honourable mention awards in Contemporary Chinese Glass Art Exhibition


Two Visual Arts alumni Miss Jovial Yeung and Miss Tania Wong had their glass artwork, entitled The Victim: Shark and Pause respectively, win honourable mention awards at the Contemporary Chinese Glass Art Exhibition.

Elaborating on her creative concept, Miss Yeung said: “The shark was composed of extremely delicate and fragile glass strings poking through the canvas. Viewed from the front of the work, the dot-like outlines created by the glass threads give the impression that the fish is weak, fragile and at risk of extinction. On the other hand, the body parts of the shark that are valuable and coveted by fishermen were highlighted using pure gold leaf. The use of relatively rigid golden parts and unsubstantial body outlines offers a big contrast visually.”

Creating an image by poking delicate glass threads through canvas is an innovative use of glass as a medium. The process requires the artist to be extremely detail-oriented.

Through her glass work Pause, Miss Wong expressed the moment at which water drops are suspended in mid-air. Glass and water are similar in being crystal clear, yet totally different in terms of their solidity. She tried to convey a sense of surrealism through the nature of the materials used – as if the atmosphere is frozen for the audience to enjoy that moment in life. Miss Wong said, “Modern people are under intense pressure, aiming at efficiency and the outcome without enjoying the process. Through the beauty of the refection of glass, a substance as ordinary as water becomes worthy of appreciation.”

The two glass works are now on display at the 1895 Nantong Cultural and Creative Industry Park in Jiangsu until 20 April.