Miss Cheng Fei performs a demonstration on the balance beam


Miss Cheng Fei (centre) and Miss Sarah Lee (left) share their experiences as athletes

程菲小姐 (中) 與 李慧詩小姐 (左) 座談會上分享運動員生涯

Miss Cheng Fei (centre) and Miss Yu Chui-yee (right) share how they overcome difficulties

程菲小姐 (中) 與 余翠怡小姐 (右) 分享如何克服困難

Date: 20 Mar 2014 (Thursday)


Olympics gold medalist Cheng Fei visits HKBU to share experience and instruct student gymnasts

奧運體操金牌得主程菲訪浸大  分享經驗並指導學生體操訓練

The University has invited Miss Cheng Fei, former national gymnastics squad member, Olympics gold medalist and winner of the world championship in gymnastics, for a 10-day visit in mid-March. During her stay at the University, Miss Cheng participated in an activity entitled “Fly High by Miss Cheng Fei”, during which she shared her experience and the challenges she faced as an athlete. She also instructed Physical Education students practising gymnastics.  

At a sharing session attended by more than 200 HKBU students and staff as well as guests, Miss Cheng was joined by Miss Sarah Lee, Hong Kong cycling world champion and Olympics bronze medalist. Sharing their experience as athletes, they told the audience how they became professional athletes, how to overcome the loneliness of leaving home and the hardship of rigorous training, about the ups and downs of a sportsperson’s career and how to face stress. They also encouraged young people to dare to try to realise their dreams, to take responsibility for their own choices and to move forward bravely step by step.  

At another session held at the College of International Education, Miss Cheng was joined by Miss Yu Chui-yee, Hong Kong wheelchair fencing representative, Paralympics gold medalist and winner of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Hong Kong award, to share with students their experiences in overcoming difficulties.  

In addition, Miss Cheng conducted two gymnastics practicum sessions. She instructed students in warm-up, stretching exercises and basic gymnastics and performed a series of demonstrations, including one on the balance beam.  

The activity was organised by the Institute of Creativity, the Department of Physical Education and the College of International Education and supported by the Hung Hin Shiu Charitable Foundation. Please click here to view the photos.


在「挑戰自我 程菲 X 李慧詩」座談會上,程小姐和香港單車世界冠軍及奧運銅牌得主李慧詩小姐,與逾二百位師生和嘉賓分享她們如何走上全職運動員之路、克服離鄉別井及嚴格訓練的辛酸、經歷運動員生涯的高低潮,以及如何面對壓力。最後她們寄語年輕人要大胆去闖,實現理想,為自己的選擇承擔責任,勇敢堅強地一步一步走下去。