Professor Adrian Bailey receives the title of Academician by The Academy of Social Sciences, UK


Date: 06 Mar 2014 (Thursday)


Professor Adrian Bailey named Academician of Academy of Social Sciences of UK


The Academy of Social Sciences, UK, has conferred the award of Academician on Professor Adrian Bailey, Dean of Social Sciences, in recognition of his outstanding achievement in social sciences research and his impact on advancing social sciences. Currently, the Academy has around 87,000 memberships from its 45 learned societies and only just over 1 % of the members are named Academicians who are entitled to use the letters “AcSS” after their name. Professor Bailey is one of the two scholars in Hong Kong on whom the honour was bestowed. 
Professor Bailey is Chair Professor of Geography. His scholarship has three emphases: migration and family life, transnationalism and power, and population and social change. Professor Bailey is an outstanding researcher of world-leading stature whose innovative research is widely cited in population, migration, economic and social geography studies. His passion for researching the interdisciplinary area of transnationalism has resulted in publications in many of the top international journals in his field.
The Academy of Social Sciences, UK, was established to promote social sciences in the United Kingdom for the public benefit. The Academy confers the title of Academician upon nominated social scientists following a process of peer review to recognise social scientists who are held in esteem by their peer group and whose life and work have had an impact on advancing social science.

貝力行教授是地理學講座教授,其學術研究專注於三方面: 移民及家庭生活、跨國主義及權力和人口及社會轉變。貝教授是世界級研究學者,他的創新研究在人口、移民、經濟地理和社會地理學的範疇上常被引用。他亦經常在國際知名學術期刊上發表有關跨國主義的跨學科研究。