HKBU presents Distinguished Alumni Award to (clockwise from left top): Mr. William Leung, Mr. Francis Mak, Dr. Daniel Tse and Ms. Marianna Tsang

浸大頒發傑出校友獎予 (左上起順時針方向): 梁永祥先生、麥潤壽先生、謝志偉博士及曾惠珍女士

Date: 03 Mar 2014 (Monday)


HKBU will present first Distinguished Alumni Award to William Leung, Francis Mak, Marianna Tsang and Daniel Tse

浸大首度頒發傑出校友獎 嘉許四校友梁永祥、麥潤壽、曾惠珍及謝志偉

With its commitment to promote Whole Person Education, HKBU has nurtured over 75,000 graduates since its establishment in 1956. Many of the University's alumni have outstanding professional or scholastic achievements and have made contributions to Hong Kong and the global community with their expertise, enhancing HKBU's reputation. To recognise the distinguished professional or scholastic achievements of its alumni, and their services and contributions to the University and society, HKBU will present the HKBU Distinguished Alumni Award for the first time this year in the hope of motivating students to learn from the experience and success of the awardees.

The first HKBU Distinguished Alumni Award will be presented to Mr. William Leung Wing-cheung (English Language and Literature), Mr. Francis Mak Yun-sau (Chinese Language and Literature, Communication), Ms. Marianna Tsang Wai-chun (Secretarial Management) and Dr. Daniel Tse Chi-wai (Sociology). The Award Presentation Ceremony will be held at the HKBU Founders'Day Reception on 28 March.

The Selection Committee for this year's award was chaired by Mr. Cheng Yan-kee, Chairman of the Council and the Court of HKBU, and included Professor Albert Chan, President and Vice-Chancellor of HKBU; Dr. Cecil Chan, President of Cecil Chan & Associates; Ms. Kuby Chan, Principal of Munsang College, and Mrs. Christine Ip, Chief Executive Officer of United Overseas Bank (HK).

The nominees for the Award must be alumni of HKBU (or its forerunner Hong Kong Baptist College). Each nominee must be proposed by a nominator and seconded by two supporters who are either alumni or current staff members of HKBU. The Selection Committee will consider the suitability of the nomination based on one or more of the following criteria: professional or scholastic achievements, service and contributions to HKBU, and community service and contributions to society.

Introduction to Distinguished Alumni Award recipients

Mr. William Leung Wing-cheung

Mr. William Leung is Executive Director and Group Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Sun Hung Kai and Co. Ltd. and Chief Executive Officer of Sun Hung Kai Financial Ltd. After graduating from Hong Kong Baptist College in 1978, Mr. Leung has established himself as one of the most successful professionals in the banking and financial sector. He has held various senior positions in prominent global financial institutions such as American Express, Standard Chartered Bank, Visa International, MasterCard International and Hang Seng Bank. He is renowned for his creativity and has launched a number of innovative products that have been remarkably successful.

Mr. Leung has distinguished himself as a staunch supporter of HKBU, serving various roles as an alumnus and as an expert in the financial sector. He served as Treasurer of the University Council and Court for six years. During his tenure, Mr. Leung spared no efforts in working with senior management to develop the University’s long-term financial strategy. He also serves as Treasurer of the Board of Governors and Chairman of the Alumni Committee of the HKBU Foundation since its establishment, where he further provides inspirational ideas on the University’s fundraising strategy. Mr. Leung also introduced the idea of “Alumni Sharing Forum” which aims to provide students with an outside-of-classroom learning opportunity while at the same time celebrating the success of HKBU alumni. In addition, Mr. Leung is a regular face at various University events and a generous donor in support of the University’s projects as well as the development of sports activities. An Honorary University Fellowship was conferred on him in 2013.

Mr. Leung has also made significant contributions to the development of arts and cultural activities and human resources across Hong Kong. He serves as Chairman of Council of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Chairman of the Employees Retraining Board, Chairman of the Governing Board of the Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre (an HKBU community project) and a member of the Consultation Panel of the West Kowloon Cultural District. In recognition of his meritorious public and community service, Mr. Leung was appointed Justice of the Peace in 2005 and was honoured with a Bronze Bauhinia Star in 2009 by the HKSAR Government.

Mr. Francis Mak Yun-sau

Mr. Francis Mak first graduated from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of Hong Kong Baptist College in 1978 and obtained a Master's degree in Communication at HKBU in 2005. He is a renowned programme host in the Digital Broadcasting Corporation Hong Kong Limited. For over 30 years, Mr. Mak has made his mark as one of the most notable radio broadcasters and programme hosts in the radio broadcasting industry. During his work at Radio Television Hong Kong, Commercial Radio Hong Kong and Digital Broadcasting Corporation Hong Kong Limited, Mr. Mak has produced and hosted many popular and successful phone-in radio programmes including "Meeting Titanic On A Starry Night" and "My Heart Will Go On". Through these programmes, he has been touching the hearts of a wide audience and spreading positive energy in the community.

His commitment to his profession has earned him many awards and accolades. His programmes ranked top 10 favourite and he himself was recognised as top 10 favourite DJ many times. In 2009, he received the Distinguished Alumni Communicator Award from the School of Communication of HKBU for his substantial contribution to the communication sector. In addition, Mr. Mak has devoted himself to guiding the youth with his first-of-its-kind Never Give Up Association, which through various innovative training programmes, teaches youngsters how to manage stress during the period of frustration and anxiety. Mr. Mak was awarded the Medal of Honour in 2005 and a Bronze Bauhinia Star in 2011 by the HKSAR Government to recognise his dedication in promoting optimism and positive attitudes in the community.

Mr. Mak is also a committed alumnus who cares about the University and has been supporting his alma mater in many different ways. He was a member of the programme advisory committee of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature and the Humanities Programme of HKBU. He has also served as a master of ceremony for a number of the University functions such as the HKBU 55th Anniversary Gala Performance, Alumni Reunion Dinners and Alumni Investiture Ceremonies. Mr. Mak was appointed Adjunct Professor of the School of Communication of HKBU in January 2014. He will be invited to give lectures and participate in special projects and events of the University.

Ms. Marianna Tsang Wai-chun

Ms. Marianna Tsang is Managing Director of TWC Management Limited and Independent Non-Executive Director and Audit Committee Chairman of listed company Timeless Software Ltd. She began working in corporate and consultancy services after completing Secretarial and Managerial Studies with Distinction on the President’s Honour Roll at Hong Kong Baptist College in 1978. Over the years, Ms. Tsang has obtained various professional qualifications and established herself as a successful professional and entrepreneur in her field. She was named one of the "Asia-Pacific Most Responsible Chinese Entrepreneurial Leaders" and her company was named one of the "Hong Kong's Most Valuable Companies".

Ms. Tsang is a very committed alumna and has served the University extensively. She is currently President of HKBU Century Club and has been leading the Club, as a distinctive alumni association, both to raising funds and providing various kinds of support for the University. She was chairwoman of the Hong Kong Baptist University Alumni Association, a HKBU Court member, a member of the Advisory Board on Graduate Employment, a member of the MBA Award Management Committee and was elected as an Honorary Associate of the School of Business. Ms. Tsang is currently a Hall Fellow of C.N. Yang Hall, a member of the Alumni Committee of HKBU Foundation and a member of the BEST Advisory Committee under the Knowledge Transfer Office at HKBU.

Ms. Tsang is also committed to education as well as public and community service. She was Chairwoman of the Chinese Christian Universities Alumni Association and Deputy District Governor of Hong Kong District, South East Asia Region of Y’s Men International. Currently, she is a member of the Board of Review (Inland Revenue Ordinance), a member of the Executive Committee of the Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises Association, a Management Committee Member of Bradury Chun Lei Primary School, Acting Supervisor of Mei Lam Primary School and Honorary Advisor of Pui Hong Self-Help Association.

Dr. Daniel Tse Chi-wai

Dr. Daniel Tse is Emeritus President of HKBU, honorary doctorate recipient of HKBU and Chair of the University Council of the University of Macau. Over the years, Dr. Tse has made tremendous contributions to the development of higher education in both Hong Kong and Macau.

Dr. Tse studied Sociology at Hong Kong Baptist College (HKBC) in 1957. One year after admission, he was awarded a scholarship by the College as a top student to study at Baylor University. In 1968, Dr. Tse returned to teach at HKBC and was later appointed as President in 1971. During his 30 years of inspirational leadership, the College succeeded in raising the academic standard through developing innovative and unique programmes to meet the needs of society and gained full university status in 1994. After his retirement, Dr. Tse has continued to support HKBU in many ways. In 2013, he donated to HKBU a gold watch, which was a precious gift to him from all staff of HKBC in 1971 to celebrate his appointment as President, for fund-raising purposes. The watch raised HK$ 1.5 million to support the development of the University. 

Dr. Tse has also been active in community and public service. He was a councillor of Hong Kong's Executive and Legislative Councils, an Advisor to the PRC on Hong Kong Affairs and Member of the Basic Law Consultative Committee and a Member of the Preparatory Committee for the HKSAR of the National People’s Congress. He also served as Chair of the Chinese Medicine Council of Hong Kong. Dr. Tse served as Member of the Ninth and the Tenth National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. He was Founding President of the Association of Christian Universities and Colleges in Asia and Trustee of the US-based United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia. 

In recognition of his notable contributions to higher education and his commitment to public service in Hong Kong, Dr. Tse was appointed Justice of the Peace in 1977 and honoured with the title of Officer of the Most Excellence Order of the British Empire in 1986 and the title of Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in 1991. He was also awarded the Gold Bauhinia Star by the HKSAR Government in 1998 and nine honorary doctoral degrees and three honorary professorships from various esteemed universities in Europe, the United States, Australia, Hong Kong and Mainland China.


首屆傑出校友獎的得主有四位,分別是梁永祥先生 (英國語言文學)、麥潤壽先生 (中國語言文學、傳理學) 、曾惠珍女士 (秘書管理) 和謝志偉博士 (社會學)。頒獎典禮將於三月二十八日舉行的香港浸會大學校慶酒會中舉行。


「傑出校友獎」候選人必須為浸大 (或其前身香港浸會學院) 的校友,須由一名浸大校友或現任教職員提名,並獲得兩名浸大校友或現任教職員的贊同。評審委員會將根據一項或多於一項準則審核候選人,包括專業或學術成就、對浸大的服務及貢獻,以及對社會的服務及貢獻。





梁先生在推動本地文化藝術活動、人力資源貢獻良多。他現任香港演藝學院校董會主席、僱員再培訓局主席、賽馬會創意藝術中心 (香港浸會大學社區項目之一) 董事局主席和西九文化區管理局諮詢會成員。為表揚他熱心服務香港,表現傑出,香港特區政府於二零零五年委任梁先生為太平紳士,並於二零零九年頒授銅紫荊星章予他。