Mr. Chan Po-fung and his creation “I Would Still Find You” (Materials: copper, broken jade bracelet, 75mm x 60mm x 70mm)

陳寶鋒先生的作品《如果他朝此生不可與你》(物料: 黃銅、玉手鐲,75mm x 60mm x 70mm)

Mr. Chan’s creative concept for this pair of bracelets: “If both our lives pulled us apart, I would still find you.”


Mr. Chan attends the prize presentation ceremony in Guangzhou, China


Date: 25 Feb 2014 (Tuesday)


Visual Arts alumnus wins Good Design of The Year Award at 2013 Chinese Design Awards


Mr. Chan Po-fung, an Academy of Visual Arts alumnus, recently won the Good Design of The Year Award at the 2013 Chinese Design Awards for his jewellery creation I Would Still Find You.

Mr. Chan used copper and broken jade bracelets as materials for the work, which he considered a “re-creation” of traditional Chinese craftsmanship. He said owing to the fragility of jade, it is common to find jade artifacts with defects. Unfortunately broken jade artifacts are usually regarded as a bad omen in traditional Chinese culture. His concept was to transform the fragments and thus imbue them with value. The uniqueness of the pieces is irreplaceable – a pair is still a pair no matter what. Mr. Chan said, “Combining two into one, the original reappears. It sounds like a sad but beautiful story.”

From among the 874 submitted works, 86 works were selected as finalists. A total of 16 works were presented with Good Design of the Year Award in 2013.