The “Good Mood” series by Mr. Ziggy Li


“Our Day-to-Day” by Miss Carmen Ng


Date: 10 Jan 2014 (Friday)


Visual Arts alumni’s works at tram-stop shelters embrace arts to community

視覺藝術院校友以畫作美化電車站  讓藝術融入社區

Mr. Ziggy Li and Miss Carmen Ng, two alumni of the Academy of Visual Arts, had their uplifting drawings included in the Tram Shelters Public Art Campaign. The artworks, in the form of storyboards, are currently on display at the tram-stop shelters near Regal Hotel and C.C. Wu Building in Wanchai. This is phase two of the ARTram Shelters project jointly launched by HKBU’s Academy of Visual Arts (AVA), Hong Kong Tramways and POAD. The project aims to embrace the local community by exhibiting accessible art that has been specifically created to engage and inspire the general public.  

Mr. Li said that the project provided a wonderful opportunity for young artists to showcase their creativity to the public in a city where people are constantly battling high rent and a shortage of exhibition space. He said, “I was very excited to have my dream-like drawings displayed in a large format for the general public. I hope that the drawings in my Good Mood series would bring back people’s childhood memories and infuse their daily activities with positive energy.”  

Miss Ng’s work Our Day-to-Day humorously captures everyday occurrences in the city. She said, “My canvases invite people on the go to slow down and, just for a moment, immerse themselves in art.” Miss Ng thinks that this project has enriched Hong Kong’s urban landscape and added a unique splash of culture to our streets.  

Phase 2 of ARTram Shelters will run from December 2013 through February 2014. For details, please visit: