(From left) Professor Albert Lee, Dr. Moses Cheng, Dr. So Kwok-sang and Mr. Jeff Ho discuss the importance of the first-year experience to freshmen


Principals and teachers share their views in one of the parallel seminars


Date: 09 Jan 2014 (Thursday)


Secondary School Principals’ Day explores importance of first-year university experience


About 200 principals and teachers from over 100 secondary schools took part in the 12th HKBU Secondary School Principals’ Day on 8 January 2014. The event, with the theme of “Life Brilliant Quote: Inspiring First-Year University Experience”, was organised by the Academic Registry and sought to enhance exchange of views between the secondary school sector and the University on the importance of the first-year experience at university to the post-90s generation in relation to their personal development as well as their aspiration to achieve their life goals.  

The theme was discussed at a plenary session presided over by Dr. So Kwok-sang, Academic Registrar, with speakers Dr. Moses Cheng, Chairman of the Education Commission, Professor Albert Lee, Director of Student Affairs, and Mr. Jeff Ho, Student Representative of HKBU. They shared their views from the perspective of a social leader, university professor and student.  

After the plenary session, participants joined parallel seminars offered by Faculties/ Schools/Academy. They also took the opportunity to tour HKBU’s campuses, with stops at the University Library, the Communication and Visual Arts Building, the School of Chinese Medicine, the Academy of Visual Arts and the College of International Education.