Chan Siu-kuen scoops two awards at the Youth Integrity Micro Film Festival


Date: 08 Jan 2014 (Wednesday)


MFA student Chan Siu-kuen wins two awards for her micro film conveying the core value of integrity and probity

以微電影傳達誠信與廉潔核心價值     電影學院碩士生陳小娟獲頒兩獎項

Chan Siu-kuen (Master of Fine Arts in Film, TV and Digital Media, Year 2) of the School of Communication clinched an Excellent Award and a Special Commendation Award for the micro film 3 Coins she wrote and directed at the first Youth Integrity Micro Film Festival organised by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).

Siu-kuen said: “It is indeed a great encouragement to the whole crew and the actors who received no or little money for working on the project. It also gives us the drive to continue pursuing our dreams. This is the first time I wrote and directed a film of this scale and there is a lot of room for improvement. My heartfelt thanks to the ICAC and HKBU for the opportunity and the support received during the production period.”

The film tells the story of a young man who was given three coins that could solve problems by an elderly woman after he helped pick up her lost wallet. One day the young man’s father was put in jail for bribery. His family suddenly lost all their money and his sister was mocked by people. The young man tried to use the magic coins to prevent things from happening but found that he was too naive. He realised that he might prevent things from happening once but not many times. So he used the last coin to return things back to the way they were before. The film conveys the core value of integrity and probity, and teaches people not to be greedy as life is not all about money. The most importing thing is to be conscientious and to make the right choices.

The competition attracted about 50 entries. The panel of adjudicators comprised professionals from the film and TV industry. The School of Communication was one of the partners of the Youth Integrity Micro Film Festival project.

傳理學院陳小娟同學 (電影電視與數碼媒體藝術 (製作) 碩士二年級) 憑其創作及執導的微電影《三個金幣》,在廉政公署首次舉辦的「青少年誠信微電影節」中,奪得「卓越大獎」和「特別嘉許獎」。