Scholars specialising in “Asia developmental state” gather at HKBU to reexamine the idea


Date: 20 Dec 2013 (Friday)


Scholars reexamine the idea of Asian Developmental State in HKBU conference


The Department of Sociology held an international conference on The Asian Developmental State: reexaminations and new departures on 16 and 17 December. 
The conference sought to reexamine the idea of the “Asian developmental state”, a concept that has been most influential in the analysis of the Asian economic miracles during the 1980s and 1990s. After a certain recess since the early 2000s, academic interest in the idea has reemerged in the last few years. The conference contributed to the reopening of this debate in three ways: it reexamined the continuing relevance of the idea to Taiwan and South Korea, analysed the idea’s applicability to the emerging economies of China and India, and engaged in a theoretical reexamination of the concept, not the least by juxtaposing it with other conceptualisations of the state/market interface. 
At the conference, a total of 12 papers were presented by local scholars as well as those from Australia, Canada, Taiwan, the UK, and the US who are all experts in the study of the “Asian developmental state”. Among them, Professor Jenn-hwan Wang and Professor Alvin Y. So are eminent experts on Taiwan and Mainland respectively whereas Professor Fred Block, Professor Bob Jessop, and Professor Linda Weiss are the most authoritative and original scholars on the developmental state and state theory in general. 
The international conference was supported by the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange. 

在上世紀八十到九十年代,「發展型國家」是分析東亞經濟奇蹟的最重要理論之一。經過差不多十年的低潮,學者在近年重拾對這概念的濃厚興趣。在為期兩天的會議上,來自台灣、加拿大、美國、英國、澳洲及香港的學者宣讀了十二篇論文,從當前的東亞個案、 中國與印度:「發展型國家」的適用性,以及 國家與市場等三方面為這重新啟動的辯論作出貢獻。這群學者均是研究該課題的專家,其中王振寰教授和蘇耀昌教授分別是台灣和內地「發展型國家」的權威,而Fred Block教授、 Bob Jessop教授及 Linda Weiss教授則是硏究「發展型國家」及「國家」理論最具原創性的其中三位學者。