Alumna Celesty Lee scoops a CreateSmart Young Design Talent Special Award which gives her the chance to go on an overseas work attachment


Date: 19 Dec 2013 (Thursday)


Communication alumna Celesty Lee wins Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award


Miss Celesty Lee Ming-yin, 2013 Digital Graphic Communication graduate of the School of Communication, won the CreateSmart Young Design Talent Special Award in the Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award 2013 competition organised by the Hong Kong Design Centre. She was awarded a grant of HK$250,000 to undertake an overseas work attachment at a renowned design company for six months to one year. 

Celesty was nominated by her Honours Project advisor, Mr. Wade Chan, Lecturer of the Department of Communication Studies, for the Award. Candidates were assessed by a panel of expert judges based on several criteria, including their possible future contributions to the development of design and innovation in Hong Kong and the quality of their portfolios. Among the works that Celesty presented for assessment was her Honours Project “Ciao Vela”, a mobile application which serves as an instant communication platform for travellers. The project won her a bronze award in the Creative Audio-visual Production category at the 4th Chang Kuo-sin Award for Aspiring Young Communicators.

Celesty was happy to win the award. She said: “I realised that it is important to grasp and cherish every single opportunity. Thank you to my friends who helped me to complete ‘Ciao Vela’. I plan to commence my overseas work attachment in mid-2014 and am searching for a good design company.”


明燕獲其畢業作品指導老師、傳播系講師陳浪濤先生提名參賽。專業評審團根據多個評審準則來評核參賽者,包括未來為香港設計發展及創新可能作出的貢獻,以及個人作品質素等。明燕提交的作品包括其畢業作品「Ciao Vela」,是個為旅行者提供即時互動溝通平台的手機應用程式,並曾於「第四屆張國興傑出青年傳播人獎」中獲頒創作影音製作獎銅獎。

明燕對於獲獎表示很高興。她說: 原來把握和珍惜當下每一個機會很重要,我很感激曾經協助我完成畢業作品Ciao Vela的每一位朋友。我計劃於明年中開始海外實習,目前正在尋找一間好的設計公司。」