(From left) The four award recipients Alex Pang, Charles Li, Anthony Ng and Tony Chen are delighted to receive the first runner-up trophy from the guest of honour


Date: 18 Dec 2013 (Wednesday)


Four BBA students come second in CFA Institute Research Challenge competition


A team of four BBA Finance students from the School of Business, comprising Tony Chen (Year 3), Charles Li (Year 3), Anthony Ng (Year 3) and Alex Pang (Year 2), won the first runner-up award for their excellent financial analytical skills in the CFA Institute Research Challenge 2013-14 co-organised by the CFA Institute and Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts.

The Challenge aims to provide university students with hands-on mentoring and intensive training in financial analysis. Contestants were required to conduct research and prepare a report on a designated publicly traded company and present the findings to the panel of judges. During the competition, mentors with professional investment experience provided guidance to the contestants on their research and presentation skills.

The HKBU team chose Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd. as their case study and applied a non-traditional approach to conduct the analysis based on technical factors and customer reaction. This differs from the usual approach in which factors such as the impact of the real estate market in the US and the economy of Europe and America are used in analysis. The mentor of the HKBU team was Mr. Peter Williamson, Managing Director and Head of Research (Asia), Religare Capital Markets (Hong Kong) Limited, who has some 20 years of experience in the industry. He has been studying Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd. for many years and has a solid understanding of the company’s development, thereby offering the students many valuable viewpoints during the competition.

Playing the role of analysts, the team approached The Home Depot, the largest client of Techtronic Industries, and found that Techtronic Industries was not customers’ first priority when purchasing electric drills and that Techtronic Industries batteries could not completely replace the nickel-cadmium batteries that are used in heavy industries. The team therefore anticipated that the company had only limited growth potential and their final recommendation on the company’s shares was “sell”.

工商管理學院財務學系四位學生組成隊伍,參加由特許金融分析師協會和香港財經分析師學會舉辦的「CFA協會投資分析比賽2013-14」,四位同學陳都一 (三年級)、李容剛 (三年級)、吳家耀 (三年級) 和彭翊禮 (二年級) 的精湛投資分析,成功為他們贏得比賽亞軍。


浸大隊伍選擇以創科實業作為比賽案例,並以「反傳統」方法由技術層面和客戶反應著手,與市場一般集中分析美國樓市和歐美經濟的影響有別。他們的導師是於行內擁有約二十年經驗的瑞合資本市場 (香港) 有限公司董事總經理兼亞洲研究部主管韋力信先生,他研究創科實業多年,對該公司的發展有深厚的認識,於比賽期間為同學提供了不少具參考性的觀點。