The screenplay by alumni Mr. Steve Chan (centre) and Mr. Wong Chi-yeung (second from left) was awarded the Film Development Fund for film production

校友陳志發先生 (中) 及黃智揚先生 (左二) 獲電影發展基金資助拍攝電影

The screenplay of Weeds on Fire is based on the story of Hong Kong’s first Chinese teenage baseball team


Date: 11 Dec 2013 (Wednesday)


Academy of Film alumnus Steve Chan awarded HK$2 million in Government funding to make his first feature film

電影學院陳志發校友獲政府資助二百萬港元 執導演筒拍攝首部劇情電影

Mr. Steve Chan Chi-fat, 2012 graduate of the Academy of Film of the School of Communication, who won the First Feature Film Initiative competition of Creative Hong Kong, was awarded HK$2 million by the Film Development Fund to make his first commercial feature film. The co-author of the screenplay was Mr. Wong Chi-yeung, a 2013 Academy of Film graduate. The production of the film will start in mid-2014.

Entitled Weeds on Fire, the screenplay centres around the growth and struggle of Hong Kong’s first Chinese teenage baseball team “Martins” set up in the 1980s. Hong Kong veteran director, producer and writer Mr. Chan Hing-kai and veteran director and cinematographer Mr. O Sing-pui will co-produce the film.
“Becoming a director is every film student’s dream. This award has given me a great opportunity. I hope my work will win recognition from the community,” said Mr. Chan. He expressed sincere thanks to all Academy of Film faculty members, his partner Mr. Wong Chi-yeung and friends who offered help.

Professor Cheuk Pak-tong, Director of the Academy of Film, said: “The fact that Steve’s work was selected among other entries which are of exceptional quality is certainly a clear acknowledgement of his talents and capability. This honour is also a recognition of the teaching at the Academy of Film and the contributions of all HKBU colleagues. The Academy of Film will give its full support to the film production.” 

The First Feature Film Initiative was launched in March 2013 by Creative Hong Kong under the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau. It took the form of a competition which was divided into Higher Education Institutions Group and Professional Group. Participants had to submit a screenplay together with a film production proposal. Eight entries were received for the two prizes in the Higher Education Institutions Group.