Dr. Chow Yiu-fai will continue to write lyrics for pop songs to express his ideas


Date: 20 Nov 2013 (Wednesday)


Dr. Chow Yiu-fai wins Best Lyrics Award in CASH Golden Sail Music Awards


Lyrics of a Cantonese pop song written by Dr. Chow Yiu-fai, Assistant Professor of Humanities and Creative Writing, recently won the Best Lyrics Award of the CASH Golden Sail Music Awards organised by the Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong (CASH).  

This is the second consecutive year that Dr. Chow has won the same prize, and he is pleased to have received the award. He said the winning piece, “Arrogant, is one of his favourites, and the award reflected a genuine recognition of his creative endeavours, because the CASH Golden Sail Music Awards were conducted without any commercial element and all adjudicators were professionals in the field. 

Dr. Chow said the idea of writing the winning piece was inspired by the recent popular TV reality shows which provide performers with a short cut to fame. He was of the view that society in general has become too competitive, too concerned with winning or losing, and too preoccupied with instant celebrity. He hoped people would insist on their dignity “arrogantly” and enjoy their lives in their own ways. 

With 25 years of experience in composing lyrics, Dr. Chow will continue to write. He considers pop songs to be a valuable platform to reach all walks of life, and writing lyrics allows him to express and enjoy himself. 

CASH inaugurated the annual CASH Golden Sail Music Awards 12 years ago in recognition of outstanding musical works as well as vocal performances of musical works first commercially released or performed in Hong Kong within a specified period of the past year. Judging is based on artistic, creative and technical achievements of each work or recorded performance.