Zhao Yanan receives outstanding paper awards for her research


Date: 23 Oct 2013 (Wednesday)


Physical Education PhD student wins two outstanding paper awards


Zhao Yanan, PhD student of the Department of Physical Education, recently won outstanding paper awards at The 12th Chinese Scholars on Exercise Physiology and Fitness Annual Conference and 2013 Shenyang Forum on Exercise Physiology and Fitness held at Shenyang Sport University and at the Postgraduate Academic Forum held at Shenzhen University.

Yanan gave an oral presentation of the paper “The Use of the Cantonese Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE) Scale in Older People” at the Shenyang Sport University forum. The paper, which she co-authored with Professor Chung Pak-kwong of the Department of Physical Education and others, mainly studied a subjective measurement of exercise intensity in the older population. Research results indicated that the Cantonese rating of perceived exertion scale was applicable in guiding exercise intensity among older adults in Hong Kong.

In addition, she presented the paper “Exercise regulation during cycle ergometry using Cantonese version of the CERT and Borg’s RPE” at the Shenzhen University forum. Co-authored with Professor Chung Pak-kwong and others, the paper studied the efficacy of Children’s Efforts Rating Table and Rating of Perceived Exertion scale in regulating exercise intensity in young adolescents.

Yanan’s research focuses on exercise that improves older adults’ ability to balance and prevents them from falling. She was very happy to receive the awards saying that they signified recognition of her work.



此外,她在深圳大學論壇上發表的論文「Exercise regulation during cycle ergometry using Cantonese version of the CERT and Borg’s RPE」亦是與鍾伯光教授等人合著,主要研究兒童用力程度評價量表和身體自覺疲勞量表對監控青少年人運動強度的成效。