Hongzhang attends an award ceremony in Beijing


Date: 05 Sep 2013 (Thursday)


HKBU student wins Chinese Youth Science and Technology Innovation Prize


He Hongzhang (Chemistry, PhD candidate) recently won the Chinese Youth Science and Technology Innovation Prize in recognition of his outstanding achievements in science and innovation. Hongzhang is one of five students from the universities in Hong Kong to receive the award this year. 

Hongzhang is interested in the research area of bioanalytical chemistry. He has participated in a number of research projects in the field of oligonucleotide-based luminescent sensing, including metal ions, proteins, enzymes and other small molecules. His works had been published in many high-impact journals including Chemical Communications, Biosensor and Bioelectronics, Nucleic Acid Research and Chemical Society Reviews. 

Hongzhang was supervised by Dr. Edmond Ma, Assistant Professor of the Department of Chemistry. He expressed his gratitude to Dr. Ma for his guidance, and also thanked his family for their support. 

Every year, the Chinese Youth Science and Technology Innovation Prize is presented to outstanding university, secondary and primary school students in recognition of their exemplary performance in innovative science.


何同學致力於生物分析化學的研究。他參與多個以寡核苷酸為本的發光檢測項目,包括檢測金屬離子、蛋白質、酶及其他小分子。此外,他的研究曾經在《Chemical Communications》、《Biosensor and Bioelectronics》、《Nucleic Acid Research》和《Chemical Society Reviews》等多本具影響力的期刊上發表。