The earliest poster in the collection dates from the 1930s


The 40th Anniversary Exhibition of the Academic Community Hall displays the history of the Hall


Date: 04 Oct 2018 (Thursday)


Library’s new collection displays vintage Hong Kong travel posters


The University Library has recently acquired one of the world’s finest collections of vintage Hong Kong travel posters. The collection, which includes over 100 posters dating from the 1930s to 1980s, features a wide variety of themes advertising Hong Kong as a travel destination.

The posters provide a glimpse into evolving mid-century commercial art and the visual languages of Western modernism. They also provide a valuable historical and social perspective on Hong Kong’s self-conception and its image in the West during the city’s late colonial period. The digital images of the posters can be viewed at

Meanwhile, the Library is also hosting a 40th Anniversary Exhibition of the Academic Community Hall which showcases the development of the Hall during the past four decades.