Professor John Erni shares on openness


Mr Cheng Yan-kee, Chairman of the Council and the Court of HKBU (second from left) presents a souvenir to Dr Victor Fung Chairman of the Fung Hon Chu Foundation and Group Chairman of the Fung Group (second from right)


Date: 11 Sep 2018 (Tuesday)


HKBU Endowed Chair Professor John Erni shares insights on critical diversity at inaugural lecture


HKBU held an inaugural lecture yesterday by Professor John Erni, Head of the Department of Humanities and Creative Writing, who was awarded the title of The Fung Hon Chu Endowed Chair of Humanics, on “How Do We Inhabit Openness? Rethinking Whole Person Education”.

Citing his research and community service on ethnic minorities, Professor Erni shared his thinking on the question of “openness”, which he believes can reinvigorate the ethos of Whole Person Education, particularly through the concept of “critical diversity”. Discussing inclusion and the “strangers” around us, Professor Erni said that from a humanistic, anthropological and cultural perspective, the designation of the “whole person” demands our ability to navigate among the boundedness of society, the groundedness of our lived experience, and the openness of a seemingly boundless horizon.

The Fung Hon Chu Endowed Chair of Humanics was established with the generous donation from the Fung Hon Chu Foundation in 2006.