Mr Sun Suming says that asthma in children requires prolonged treatment to make a full recovery


Mr Sun demonstrates how to apply “tui na therapy for children” to treat asthma in children


Date: 07 Sep 2018 (Friday)


Clinical study shows effectiveness of combined therapy of tui na and Chinese herbal medicine in treating asthma in children


A clinical study conducted by the School of Chinese Medicine (SCM) indicated that the application of both “tui na therapy for children” and Chinese herbal medicine is effective in treating asthma in children with an improvement observed in the patients’ overall health condition.
Mr Sun Suming, Lecturer of the Clinical Division of SCM, who was responsible for the clinical study, said “Tui na therapy for children” is a technique applied via meridians and acupoints to regulate or condition the function of the organs, especially the lung, spleen and kidney. Such a therapy is painless and does not produce any toxic side effects nor place an extra burden on the patient’s digestive system. Therefore, it is an efficient and effective treatment which is easily accepted by children.