Professor Ikhlaq Sidhu (left) from the SCET introduces the mindset concepts to the participants

美國柏克萊加州大學SCET 的Ikhlaq Sidhu 教授(左)向參加創業體驗營的同學介紹思維模式概念

Mathematics and Statistics student Elizabeth Liu (right) presents her business plan in one minute to the judges of “Elevator Pitch”, Mr Nathan Gold (centre) and Mr George Maroulis

主修數學及統計的劉建芝同學(右)以一分鐘簡報形式,向電梯募投活動評判Nathan Gold 先生(中)和George Maroulis先生報告她的企業方案

HKBU students exchange ideas with Mr David Law (left), Programme Manager of SCET’s Startup Semester Programme

浸大同學與SCET初創學期訓練課程經理David Law先生(左)交流分享

Date: 05 Sep 2018 (Wednesday)


HKBU students join entrepreneurship bootcamp and startup programme at UC Berkeley


This summer, eight HKBU students took part in the Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship Bootcamp organised by the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology (SCET) of the University of California, Berkeley (Cal) in USA. Students found the experience absorbing and of practical use. The activities included lectures by star speakers, interactive game-based exercises, and mentoring from Cal faculty and industry experts from Silicon Valley and around the world. 
An additional seven students were granted the opportunity to join the SCET’s Startup Semester Programme under arrangements made by HKBU’s Knowledge Transfer Office and various faculties/schools. Students could study a wide range of subjects and learn from serial entrepreneurs in order to expand their global network. 

八位浸大學生於暑假期間參加美國柏克萊加州大學Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (SCET) 舉辦的柏克萊創業體驗營,透過一系列的學習活動,包括星級講者演說、互動遊戲,以及接受該大學教授與來自矽谷及世界各地創業專家的指導,藉此啟發他們的創意思維模式。