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Date: 03 Sep 2018 (Monday)


HKBU ranks first in Greater China for its published research about Chinese medicine


The School of Chinese Medicine (SCM) topped several lists assessing the quantity and quality of published research in a ranking conducted by US company Bioinformedicine Service. The School came first for the “proportion of publications in top 25%” and “number of articles published by Nature Index journals”, and also took first spot in the overall ranking of publication quality. 
The survey measured the performance achieved in Chinese medicine research publications by 50 higher education institutions offering undergraduate programmes in Chinese medicine in Mainland China¸Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.
Five performance indicators were used to assess research published in international academic journals from 2013 to 2017. The indicators were “publication number”, “publication citation”, “citation per publication”, “proportion of publications in top 25%”, and “number of articles published by Nature Index journals”.
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中醫藥學院在美國Bioinformedicine Service公司新近發表的「中國‧兩岸四地中醫藥類院系的國際學術論文表現 (2013-2017年)」報告中,在「前25%期刊發文數量佔比」和「Nature Index收錄期刊發文數」均名列第一,整體論文質素更居榜首。
該機構對內地、台彎、香港和澳門設有中醫藥本科課程的50所高等院校進行排名,並依據五項指標評定各院校的學術論文的數量與質素,包括論文總數、論文被引次數、篇均被引頻次、前25%期刊發文數量佔比和Nature Index收錄期刊發文數。